2017, the year to go green!

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Be power savvy in the office

Save energy
These are the small things that make a big difference on a large scale. Although some may seem obvious, you may not realise that there’s money to be saved in going green.

  • Energy saving lightbulbs

If you’re occupying a large office space, this can make a big difference to your footprint without you even noticing.

Better yet, standard savings average around 80% over a year. If you’re talking about 100 light-bulbs, that’s huge saving and positive environmental change.

  • Computer settings

Leaving computers active when they aren’t being used is an unnecessary waste that can build to expenditures of roughly £70 a year.

Again, this may not seem like much but when you’re referring to an office with multiple monitors, it adds up very quickly!

  • Reduce use of printers

The paper usage & power costs makes a move to more digital solutions even more of a no brainer. The small business survey declared that the average SME spends roughly £5,000 per year on printing costs.

Using Charity Digital as an example, we aim to minimise printing wherever possible and our costs remain around £1,000 each year, still a significant cost if you’re a charity of only a few people.

  • Ditch the fax machine

Many fax machines require a hard copy of the document to be sent through telephone wires, printing a copy on the other end as well as a confirmation note for you. This transaction uses/creates 3 physical documents when there could have been none if sent digitally.

Nonetheless, if fax is still a significant mode of communication for you then steps can still be made in the right direction. You can set your fax machine to directly email documents you receive via fax, saving money and paper on your end.

Make use of collaborative tools and software

Move to the cloud
This can be beneficial in a number of ways as it minimises printing, reduces need to commute and lessens the number of devices needing to be active. We have a whole article on collaborative tools here.

  • Move to the cloud

If every charity member has access to necessary documents from any device with the ability to collaborate and edit in real time, this means you can work remotely using your personal computer.

  • Use video conferencing and online communication tools

Using these tools means you can still communicate in a similar way even if you aren’t all in the same place, saving the need for long commutes. If you’d like to explore this option, we have some collaborative tools on Charity Digital Exchange including Box.org (for file sharing) and GoTo Meeting (for video conferencing).

Recycle and reuse

While cutting your paper and electricity usage are great to do, we understand you’re still going to use some physical resources. So it’s also important to use and dispose of those correctly.

  • Recycle

It’s the most obvious of the ‘go green’ advice, but even still tons and tons of paper and plastic goes into landfill, with businesses as a contributor. Once you have recycling bins in place, it won’t take long for your staff to start doing it as habit.

Better yet, some services are equipped to take computers for recycling in parts. This is a great alternative if it is beyond reuse. All you have to do is look out for WEEE Directives which will take it off your hands.

  • Extend the life of hardware

Computers are pricey things, as with all the bits and bobs that go with them. Looking after your PC is a great way to prolong their lifespan.

Make sure to spring clean your computer outside and in! This means making sure no dust gets into the system AND keeping your anti-virus software up to date. We have various anti-virus software available on the Charity Digital Exchange site if you’re on the hunt.


With any luck youv’e already started implementing some of these changes!

The majority of the adjustments are small and easy to follow through, giving you no excuse to hold back. So why not see for yourself the money you could save whilst being a greener organisation.

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