2019 Webinar Series

About our upcoming series:

The Charity Digital Webinar series is covering a number of the tricky topics charities battle with, from cyber security to social media, digital leadership to cloud migration.

We're inviting charities of all sizes to make a lunch break more productive with our free 1-hour webinars.

Simply register your interest in the series and we'll keep you in the loop on our upcoming webinars.

All webinars are free to attend and aim to take place at 1pm on an allocated weekday. The series is run by Charity Digital, in collaboration with a range of partners, including NCSC, Lightful and Microsoft (to name a few).

 We always strive to offer the best possible, charity-specific content, and to make sure no charities miss out, you can access any past webinars by clicking the link below.

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