5 great benefits of Office 365 for Charities

1. High-level of security

Though you may not think it, the security you get with Office 365 is actually better than with an on-premises solution. As Microsoft’s leading product, there are hundreds of security techs 0n-hand to prevent any data breaches or security issues.

To ensure such a high level of security, your data is moved to another server as a redundancy measure. Redundancy means having multiple copies of your data stored in various servers and data centres, and this can be more than 10 copies when if comes to Office 365. This means that if anything goes wrong with one server, you don’t have to be worried about information being lost.

Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean your data is just moving around freely, you entirely own your data. Microsoft never views it, so it would only be viewed if requested by the government, but you would of course be informed if this happened.

2. A sustainable investment

On average, organisations spend 67% of their IT budgets maintaining their software through various updates. A cloud-based solution like Office 365 means you aren’t constantly spending on day-to-day maintanance to focus more of your IT budget on growth and investment.

Several of the non-profit people attending a recent Office 365 Roadshow we attended said that they were interested in how Office 365 could simplify their IT infrastructure, especially not having to maintain an Exchange server. Does this sound like you too?

3. Scalability and built-in extras

Keeping along the lines of being sustainable, Office 365 easily allows you to scale-up or add extras. This is ideal for growing organisations, or really any organisation that wants that flexibility.

Just some of the available extras include: anti-spam and malware protection, community and phone support, and Office web applications which means you don’t need to worry about those things.

4. Familiarity with tools you know and love

A move to Office 365 doesn’t have to come with a huge adjustment or hours of training, as it still offers the same great capabilities of the desktop applications that everybody knows.

While it offers new tools like SharePoint (document storage and collaboration software), you can still hit the ground running with all the standard applications, and learn to use the exciting new options as you go. .

This being said, as with many things, for the transition to go as smoothly as possible end-user training when implementing Office 365 is highly recommended.

5. It’s free for charities

One of the best things about it all is that it’s not going to cost you the earth; in fact it doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

There are two free donated options for charities, or two discounted options depending on what you’re after. For more information about Office 365, the available options, and what might work best for you then check out the resources available on our site.


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