Affordable security software solutions for charities (that don’t compromise quality)

High-level security software is essential for an organisation of any size, but there is all-too-often concern that it’s too expensive and difficult to both install and manage.

Fortunately, this article offers software that comes at donated or discounted prices through the Charity Digital Exchange programme. The majority also offer support throughout the installation and use of the software too.


Symantec Endpoint Protection

How it works: Endpoint protection covers devices against viruses, spyware, adware and even never-seen-before threats. It does this by including features you’d often find in data loss prevention software so that it can effectively identify irregularities on the device.

Who it’s for: Any organisations with more than 5 endpoints. There are two editions available depending on the needs and size of your organisation. You can choose to go for either the regular or small business edition.

  • Small business edition: For organisations with between 5 and 100 endpoints. This offers on-premises management, a desktop firewall and proactive threat scanning, among other features.
  • Regular edition: For organisations with over 100 endpoints. This edition offers some extra capabilities that larger organisations may want, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and application control to offer complete protection by collecting threat insight from millions of endpoints.


How it works: Norton offers a variety of products, including Norton Utilities, Security Deluxe and Small Business, depending what you’re after. There are clear similarities with Symantec, but Norton offers an alternative pricing structure and is a desktop-based rather than an enterprise product.

Some products, such as Norton Small Business, offer up to 100 licences per fiscal year. A range of defence technologies are used to offer a consistent high-level of protection.

Who it’s for: The broad array of choice makes Norton a suitable choice for many organisations. Nonetheless, all products are limited to organisations with an operating budget below £5 million. You can check out entitlement for each product here.

  • Norton Utilities: Organisations can acquire up to 20 licences per US fiscal year for this collection of tools. Each license can be used on up to 3 devices to offer services such as disk cleaning, optimisation and repair.
  • Norton Small Business: Up to 100 licences can be taken for this software to ensure your devices have 24/7 protection with centralised management and mobile insight.
  • Norton Security Deluxe: You also have the option to take up to 100 licences of this Deluxe edition which offers additional capabilities such as password management and computer tune-ups.

Backing up:


How it works: Veritas offer different backup and recovery software to make sure your organisation doesn’t suffer a huge loss when things go wrong. The disk imaging and virtual machine snapshots ensure minimal loss in these cases.

Who it’s for: Veritas caters even for larger organisations as it applies to any eligible organisation with an operating budget below $10 million. Charities are able to take one license for each product, and this one license is enough to cover the entire organisation.

  • Veritas Backup Exec: One licence allows whole organisations to stay backed-up on a range of operating systems, and even allows you to back up multiple servers at once or nearly any storage advice.
  • Veritas System Recovery: As with Backup Exec, one licence allows you to back up any number of devices with disk imaging technology that creates recovery points for your entire hard disk.

Email Security:

Mail Security

How it works: Windows users can make use of spam-filtering software that offers flexibility through a variety of filter strength options and where filtered content is sent.

Who it’s for: For either software partner you select, eligible charities are able to take up to 100 licenses. Both are well suited to those who use Outlook as their primary email platform and offer hassle-free installation.

  • Mailshell – Eligible organisations can acquire up to 100 licences, which provides 15 months of access with continuous protection through data-collection and updates. Mailshell also comes with 12 months of support.
  • Symantec Mail Security – Charities can alternatively take 100 licences of this Symantec product if you want to have complete control over filtering of mail with the assurance of a 99% success rate.


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