Charity Digital – A brief history of our 16 years supporting charities

Charity Digital was established 16 years ago to explore ways charities could embrace technology and the internet for social good.

We believe that by being the best, most trusted source for UK charities to gain insight into, education on and access to digital solutions, we can really accelerate charitable impact in the years to come.

How should I raise funds? Advice for choosing the best fundraising platforms

With regards to fundraising platforms, choice is always good, but deciding your options seems to be getting harder. There are over 600 platforms for acquiring donations these days, and for charities that are just getting into digital giving, this can understandably be a bit overwhelming.

To help, I’ll just run through some of the options that I think are the best for charities to use.

How we chose Expensify – a charity decision-making case study

We’ve written about how to make decisions that improve how effectively your charity operates, and why the solutions you’ll find are usually tech-based.

Now, so that you can see it in practice, here’s a case study on us at Charity Digital, and our decision to move expense processing to Expensify.

Connected technology and ‘the Internet of things’

Part 1: Wearable tech in the workplace It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have a ‘connected home’. I’m a gadget geek and am always on the lookout for new things to try out that might make my life easier. ‘The Internet of Things’ is a part of my daily life and means that from my iPhone or iPad, I can control everything from the temperature of the central heating to the movies I download, and from the TV shows I watch to the time our lights come on at home – whether I’m…
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The Apps Your Charity Should Consider

Apps aren’t just about games. When people used to ask me about apps, new sources and games usually came to my mind. If I thought a bit more about it, I would recall that I did use apps for some business purposes (mainly e-mail and communication). I’d also remember a few apps I’d seen that charities had cleverly used to engage donors and raise money. I had never really thought about them as an inexpensive and efficient way to run a charity, but this is precisely what we’re now doing at Charity Digital.   Let me start at the beginning:…
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Should my charity invest in tablets?

Many of us view tablets as technology that is generally confined to the home; as ‘nice to have’ devices that complement our smartphones and laptops and we use primarily to browse the internet, for social media, to watch films or to join the latest app craze.  We don’t generally view them as something we need to do our jobs. The case for tablets at work is growing, however, as more people are bringing their own tablets to the office. As they continue to come down in price, it’s worth re-thinking about how useful they can be on the job. Here…
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