Autodesk donating advanced design software to UK charities

Charity Digital Exchange Press Release

Eligible UK charities can now access 97% savings on a range of Autodesk products through Charity Digital’s Charity Digital Exchange programme

We’re happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with Autodesk to provide thousands of charities in the UK with access to Autodesk products through our Charity Digital Exchange software donation programme.

Autodesk is a world-leader in 3D design and entertainment software. While it is perhaps best known for its computer-aided design software, AutoCAD, their software has been used by a number of charities for various purposes.

The Jaipur Foot Clinic, for example, use Autodesk software to design free prosthetics and crutches for amputees. Alternatively, The Hydrous (a coral reef charity) use it to convey scientific data in a highly visual, interactive way.

We’ll be providing UK charities with access to donated, perpetual licences for five different Autodesk Ultimate Suites – Product Design, Building Design, Infrastructure Design, Entertainment Creation Design and AutoCAD. That means that eligible organisations can now access industry-leading tools to a wide range of design products.

“There are so many IT solutions available these days, but price often means that charities miss out on the best opportunities,” said Richard Craig, CEO of Charity Digital. “That’s why we’re delighted whenever top IT companies join our software donation programme, just as Autodesk have.”

“Autodesk is committed to providing software to people, entrepreneurs, and organisations who are using design to create positive environmental and social impact. We call these people impact designers – they are creating important solutions to today’s most epic challenges. We want UK charities to have the very best design software to bring their ideas and solutions to scale.” said Lynelle Cameron, senior director, Autodesk sustainability.

You can find out more about the packages available to eligible charities by clicking on the products listed below:



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