How we chose Expensify – a charity decision-making case study

We’ve written about how to make decisions that improve how effectively your charity operates, and why the solutions you’ll find are usually tech-based.

Now, so that you can see it in practice, here’s a case study on us at Charity Digital, and our decision to move expense processing to Expensify.

Photoshop: enabling professional in-house design

Cardboard Citizens is a charity providing a creative hub for excluded people. They run tours around the whole of the UK, with performances in theatres, hostels, day centres and prisons.

One of the many challenges involved in such an undertaking is to produce professional marketing and publicity materials on a fraction of the budget that might be available in the commercial sector.

Securing Britain’s animal welfare champions with Bitdefender

The Hull and East Riding branch of the RSPCA has recently undertaken a complete overhaul of their internal IT systems thanks to donations arranged through the Charity Digital Exchange programme.

“The centre deals with rehabilitation and rehoming,” explains Alison Ripley, the branch’s General Manager. “We see cruelty, neglect and abandonment, but we try hard to play a preventative role rather than simply coming in after the event.”

Success Story: facilitating learning with GoToMeeting

NICVA were able to access Citrix’s GoToMeeting software through the Charity Digital Exchange programme. To date, this has saved their users a total of 5,858 miles of travel to their building and allowed NICVA to offer more flexible training.
“Our mission remains the same… but now, we’re better equipped to inform our members.” – Ian Kelly.

Success Story: linking the UK and Uganda with Skype

Alongside Africa is a tiny charity: half a dozen people generally working from their homes in Kent to support an even smaller handful based across Uganda.

Adoption of Skype has addressed what has always been a huge challenge – and expense – for the charity: the practicalities of communication.

Success Story: TwentyTwenty

TwentyTwenty is a small charity working across the two counties of Leicestershire and Rutland. Their aim is to help young people develop self-belief, self-worth and motivation, whilst gaining academic qualifications and work skills that will lead to finding and keeping good jobs. The charity is less than a decade old, but is making a substantial on-going impact on the communities it serves. Joanna Burrows is the Community Fundraiser there. “We’re an educational charity that works with the most disadvantaged young people in our region,” she says. “Last year we helped 400  young people to get qualifications, and 90% of those went…
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