Charity Digital – A brief history of our 16 years supporting charities

Charity Digital was established 16 years ago to explore ways charities could embrace technology and the internet for social good.

We believe that by being the best, most trusted source for UK charities to gain insight into, education on and access to digital solutions, we can really accelerate charitable impact in the years to come.

The value of data in fundraising

Data is an important part of the future of digital fundraising and charities need to change their culture if they don’t want to be left behind.

The biggest obstacle we hear from organisations is that it’ll take up too much time, or it will cost too much.

It may seem daunting at first, so we’ve broken down the process into the four stages.

Cloud collaboration for charities – is your best option? provides organisations with Box’s file-sharing, content management and cloud collaboration service.

They’re signed up to our Charity Digital Exchange donation programme to provide access to UK charities that might not otherwise be able to access the software.

This article runs through some of the features, and explains some of the options available to charities.

Five top tips for cleaning data efficiently

Cleaning data is undeniably a laborious, time-consuming task and the temptation to only do a surface clean is understandable.

But it incredibly important, especially in the charity sector nowadays, given recent high-profile scandals – and can prevent you wasting thousands of pounds of your charity’s money too.

So, to really maximise your time spent on it, efficient cleaning is vital. Here are five top tips yo help you in that pursuit.

Infographic – how to acquire and convert the most new leads possible

Would you like to improve the success of your fundraising campaigns? Or would you like to build a community of supporters or beneficiaries (or both) that you can regularly contact through email?

Here’s an infographic that’s jam-packed full of useful advice and references to tools that can help you do just that!

5 great online fundraising ideas

Charities might be overlooking the power of the Internet to help them raise funds, according to a recent study by Barclays.

There will always be a place for traditional fundraising alongside online, but charities that fail to embrace the web risk limiting their fundraising potential and could restrict future growth.

Here are 5 great online fundraising ideas that will motivate digital donors, courtesy of Eventbrite.