Changes to the Microsoft Azure donation

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Based on comments from charities using Azure for Nonprofits, the donated offer has now changed.

The total donated value of Azure services is still the equivalent of $5000 (USD) but the offer has been upgraded: Azure for Nonprofits has been expanded to include a donated subscription to Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 equivalent to $1,500 (USD), which also contains Azure Active Directory Premium.

Therefore, Azure for Nonprofits now consists of:

  • $3,500 (USD) credits for Azure solutions (in the Azure Admin Portal).
  • 50 licenses of donated Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 equivalent to $1,500 (USD) (in the Office 365 Admin Portal).

The Azure vs. Office 365 portal

Charities can use their Azure credits to access all Azure products listed here. However, Azure Active Directory is supplied separately through EM+S (which is an Office 365 product but is part of the updated Azure offer).

Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 is designed for charities requiring complex security and to manage users accessing data from a range of devices. It supplies Azure Active Directory Premium P1, Azure Information Protection Premium P1, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, and Microsoft Intune.


Renewing your donated credits

As before, if you go over your credit amount your subscription will switch to a pay-as-you-go offer. You can find out more here.

If your charity remains eligible, you can reapply for Azure for Nonprofits each year. An email regarding renewal will be sent to you a month before the expiration date.

However, if you go beyond the $3,500 credits, you will need to submit a support request to switch your subscription to the donated one. Otherwise you still will be charged at pay-as-you-go prices.