Cloud collaboration for charities – is your best option?

Charity Digital Blog logo provides organisations with Box’s file-sharing, content management and cloud collaboration service. They’re signed up to our Charity Digital Exchange donation programme to provide access to charities that might not otherwise be able to access the software.

See the UK donation programme for details about their offering.

Is it right for my organisation?

Box allows users to access, share and review time-sensitive work in the cloud from any device. It’s really useful for organisations that need to access files from outside of an office – whether that be entering data into a shared spreadsheet on a mobile device, or using a computer in a different part of the world.

If you have staff, trustees, volunteers, aid workers and other external partners working different places, it means they can all communicate and access the required information to manage projects wherever they are – securely.

Box also allows organisations to securely integrate their Box account with other applications such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Office 365, Salesforce and Netsuite.

As well as that, Box also provides the administrative, technical and physical safeguards that may be necessary if your organisation works with sensitive data.

How does it work?

Here are a few examples of what charities can do with Box:


Box interface with comments from a user on a document

Categorise daily fundraising responsibilities by creating different folder structures.

Box interface with comments from a user on a document

Use Box’s task management and commenting features to complete grant applications.

Box interface with regional folder structure

Manage geographically dispersed staff, volunteers and beneficiaries by creating folder structures with content specific to different regions.

Box app running on a tablet computer

Collaborate quicker by allowing users to review time-sensitive work in the cloud in real time from any device, rather than using traditional file-transfer applications and internal servers.

Box interface for embedding documents

Embed quarterly/ annual reports that are stored in Box on an external website or intranet page.

Sample nonprofit portfolio folder structure for a foundation

Streamline funding development and partnerships by creating grant submission and approval processes.

What’s available?

Eligible charities can receive a donation of Box Starter Edition that includes 10 user licenses and 100GB of storage space. These licenses are perpetual, meaning they never expire. You can upload and share files up to 2 GB in size with the Starter Edition.

You can see all the features included with Box Starter Edition on Box’s pricing page (the lefthand column).

Nonprofit Success Stories

These organisations are using Box to more effectively carry out their missions.

  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society use Box to raise funds for blood cancer research more effectively. Its employees share digital asset libraries and collaborate with third-party vendors using Box. Employees use Box on iPads to raise funds at events by sharing videos, PDFs and presentations with potential donors.
  • Grameen Foundation improved collaboration across four continents with Box. By integrating Box with their Salesforce implementation, they’ve been able to solve problems they were having with providing access to intranet and shared servers in field offices in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Teach for America, The International Rescue Committee and Kiva all use Box for content management and collaboration. You can learn more about their work and stories by watching this video on the website.
  • There are more success stories on how other charitable organisations are using Box to create positive on the website.



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