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DocuSign is a cloud-based company allowing traditionally paper-based processes to be done digitally. It does so by providing a e-signature service. This essentially means it securely collects signatures and forms online.

How it helps charities

Charitable organisations are often among the worst for reliance on physical paperwork, especially when it comes to admin and legal work.

If that sounds a bit like your organisation, there are a few ways Docusign can help:


1. Saving money!

Keeping all records on paper adds to costs, not just for the paper and printing itself, but for the storage space (and in some cases, postage) too. In fact, a 2015 Gartner study suggested that most businesses’ printing costs can be reduced by anywhere from 10% to 30%.

As Docusign lets you sign documents digitally, it reduces need to print and send documents in physical form.
This saves you money without compromising the security of a recipient signature.


2. Making life easier for donors, volunteers, employees and beneficiaries

DTMs allow people to fill out various different transactional documents on a range of devices. This makes it faster and easier for people to fill out forms, benefiting both sender and recipient.

Although we’re used to believing that signing a piece of paper is always secure, high-quality e-signatures are generally more secure, as it’s harder to gain access to that signature thanks to authentication, integrity and non-repudiation.


3. Minimising storage space taken and risk of losing files

If you’re anything like us, your charity has quite limited space and resources! If that’s the case, saving on storage space is logical.

DocuSign has an automated cloud-based storage system of all uploaded and sent documents. That means you don’t need any office or computer space to store your documents. Great!


4. Making the process easier to manage

DocuSign lets you upload documents in a variety of formats from various sources (e.g. PDFs from Dropbox or Word docs from your computer). Then it’s just a point-and-click setup to mark where someone should sign. This provides complete clarity and ensure it’s done exactly right.

Once this process is done you can manage your documents status and receive notifications with anywhere, anytime access to the documents.

Donated and discounted for charities

Charity Digital currently offers DocuSign’s Standard package on its Charity Digital Exchange donation programme. This means you solely pay a one-time administrative fee of £71.

Alternatively, Charity Digital Exchange also provides access to 79% discounts on DocuSign’s Business package, which means annual savings of roughly £195.

You can see more info on how DocuSign helps charities and more info on the different options here.

Click here for more info, including the criteria you’d need to meet to be eligible for the donation.


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