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Google for Nonprofits has just launched in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Google has launched Google for Nonprofits for charities in Scotland and Northern Ireland with a special kick-off event attended by 100 Scottish charities.

Google for Nonprofits

Scottish Registered Charities and Northern Irish Registered Charities can now apply to join the programme, which offers access to Google’s suite of free products and tools and has been launched in partnership with the Charity Digital, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) and TechSoup Global.

Once an organisation is approved, charities can get free access to Google Apps to cut IT costs and operate more efficiently, up to $10,000 a month (approx. £6,500) in advertising credit on Google AdWords to reach more donors, and premium features on YouTube to raise awareness for their cause. Google has also developed online resources such as educational videos, case studies and other ways to connect with other nonprofits.

Why did it launch in England and Wales but not Scotland or Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately, at the time that Google for Nonprofits launched in England and Wales, it wasn’t possible to access the necessary charity data for Scotland and Northern Ireland (the data for England and Wales was accessible through the Charity Commission). Now, however, partnering with TechSoup Global has enabled Google to launch in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Stuart Mclaughlin, the GooglersGive EMEA Manager, said of the launch, “We see the impact every day of nonprofits embracing the web – it’s truly transforming the way they work.”

“We’re inspired and humbled by the amazing ways nonprofits are making the world a better place, and look forward to supporting the work of more nonprofits in Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

Case study: Google for Nonprofits in action

By Lucy Johnston from the Jo Walters Trust


Background of the Jo Walters Trust

The Jo Walters Trust was set up in 2010 following the untimely death of Joanna Walters, aged 28, a trainee Maths teacher and former Googler. She had been saving up to buy a house when she was killed in a cycling accident, and her family felt it would be fitting to use this money to set up a charity to fund educational, sporting, environmental and outward-bound projects in her memory, as she was passionate about all of these causes.

To date, the charity has raised over £110,000 and has already made over £70,000 in donations, as well as successfully campaigning for improvements to the cycling infrastructure on the road where Jo was killed.

These improvements have now been implemented, and have won awards for their innovative approach to cycle safety.


Google Grants:

The Jo Walters Trust received a Google Grant for AdWords in May 2014, and since then it has proved invaluable as a tool to help us fundraise for the causes we support. Using it, we have reached nearly 220,000 people with ads about the work that we do.

To date, it has been used for selling tickets to fundraising events, selling our charity wares and bringing in donations. In the run up to Christmas 2014, our AdWords grant helped us to raise over £2,000 selling fairtrade wooden games online.

It was also a key marketing tool in allowing us to reach potential customers and sell them tickets to a fundraising ball in London in November 2014, at which we raised £20,000 to fund our projects, a significant result for a small charity such as ours.

We know from our Google Analytics account that our Google Grant for AdWords is a major driver of traffic to our website.


Google Apps:

The Jo Walters Trust has been an avid user of Google Apps since we set up in 2010.

The trust is run entirely by volunteers so it’s incredibly important that we are really efficient and cost effective. Add to this that the trustees are located around the world, which means we need great tools to be able to help us to communicate without actually seeing each other in person very frequently.

We have set up the trust on Google Apps for your Domain, and each trustee has their own email address ( The ease of creating new email addresses means we can add also new users to our account for specific tasks, such as committee members for particular events.

Google Hangouts allows us to hold virtual trustees meetings, no matter where in the world the trustees actually are.

We keep all our minutes in Google Docs and our Contact Us form on the website is powered by Google Forms.

Each year, we invite applications for a round of grants that we award for sporting, educational, environmental and outbound projects of up to £2,000 each. To manage this, we use a Google Form embedded in our website, and we then promote this via the press and radio, as well as on social media. When someone applies, by simply filling in the form on our website, their application populates a spreadsheet that all the trustees can then see, allowing us to make decisions as to which projects we will fund. We have also used the Forms to allow people to bid for charity auctions, which has been a quick and easy way to manage this process online.

Our accounts are all kept in Google Sheets – we feel totally confident that this means that no matter what happens to someone’s personal PC, the accounts will always be available in the cloud, and it allows us to access them from any device, wherever we are.

Our charity blog is powered through Blogger, something we find very easy to use, and this makes it perfect for allowing guests to post on our blog, keeping it fresh and relevant.



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