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The Art of Digital Storytelling

09:35 - 10:30

Telling stories about history, communities, identity, culture and much more is at the heart of what so many heritage organisations do. Many organisations are sitting on an array of interesting stories that could be adapted and spread on digital platforms in engaging and unique ways to draw in an audience - it is said that people are much more likely to remember facts and figures when they are wrapped in a great story. There are so many kinds of digital storytelling and ways to do this brilliantly, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.


This session will inspire you to start thinking about the various forms of digital storytelling and what would work best for your audience on your digital platforms, would short videos work better for your audience, or interesting graphics with stats? Perhaps your audience prefers longer stories split over time and various posts? To start answering these questions, we’ll give you top tips around framing content for different socials, your branding, which emotions you are trying to elicit and more!


The session will:

  • Talk you through the opportunities and challenges for heritage organisations and the stories they could be telling
  • Introduce you to storytelling strategies and different types of storytelling angles
  • Help you understand which platforms work best for different story types and best practices
  • Showcase great examples of storytelling in heritage


Who should watch:

  • Beginner – Intermediate level
  • Ideal for those working within Marketing and Communications teams for their organisations, or those interested in exploring storytelling strategies and how to begin putting these into practise.
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Andrew Davis

Social Media & Content Marketing Trainer

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