How to obtain Azure for Nonprofits – FAQ

Here at Charity Digital, we are commonly asked how a charity can get Microsoft Azure. We cover a few ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below.


How do I sign up for Azure for Nonprofits?

Before obtaining Azure for Nonprofits, you will need to have an active Office 365 account. You can apply for Office 365 for nonprofits on the Microsoft website.

You can find further information on how Charity Digital helps charities with Office 365, including eligibility, choosing the right plan and the registration process on the Charity Digital webpage.

We have also created a PDF document on how to add Azure, which you can view or download here. The document covers how charities can apply for Azure or renew your subscription if you have an existing Azure account.


What is a validation token and how do I get one?

To access Microsoft’s Azure program, your organisation needs to be validated as an eligible charity. To complete this process, you may occasionally be asked for a validation token.

You can retrieve this from your organisation’s Charity Digital Exchange account. Simply login to your Charity Digital Exchange account and click on the ‘validation token’ tab to generate a token for your application.


I’ve run out of Azure Credits! What can I do?

When you have used your credits up for the current billed period, your subscription will convert to a “Pay-As-You-Go” offer – this means that to continue using the services you will be paying for what you use at the retail business rates.

Microsoft’s blog has more information on managing payment in Azure.


How do I renew my Azure subscription?

30 days before your expiration date, you will receive an email containing instructions to renew.

Please note: If you exceed your cap, after you complete the renewal you will need to raise a ticket in Azure to move your subscription back to nonprofit status – otherwise you will continue to be billed at the retail rates.