Infographic: The pitfalls of failing to update computer systems

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Outdated computer systems are vulnerable to a variety of attacks online.

The problem is that hackers continuously look for new vulnerabilities to exploit, so once support is ended for a system (in other words, once a system is no longer being updated to counter new security threats), it’s usually only a matter of time until an attack gets through.

This is particularly problematic in the charity sector, where organisations might hold sensitive information and often don’t have the budget to upgrade their IT equipment.

It’s because of this that we’re happy to offer the latest Windows operating systems and also award-winning antivirus software to UK charities on the Charity Digital Exchange software donation programme.

Keeping these up-to-date will neutralise a lot of the threats you face online, but not all. It’s also important to update things like your web browser (be honest, do you know what version of your browser you’re using?), as this infographic, courtesy of Imprima, explains:


Pitfalls of failing to update computer systems



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