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Is ignoring AI the charity sector’s biggest tech mistake?

21 January 2020
08:00 - 09:00

It’s still early days for most in the charity sector, but the truth is artificial intelligence is now far from being just a buzzword.

Experts are saying that artificial intelligence will shape society more than any other technology in the next few decades, so why would the third sector be any exception? However, it’s not been without its bad press – with risks and concerns over data use, loss of jobs and general usability.


We’re seeing more and more charities using technology such as machine learning, chatbots and algorithmic decision making to do everything from serving information and telling stories online, to taking voice-based donations, driving innovative research and serving beneficiaries. The possibilities are incredibly wide-ranging.


This podcast challenges the negative aspects of AI, dives into exactly what charities are missing out on and shares how other charities are using AI to change the shape of their fundraising, operations, and services. Have any questions? Reach out to us at


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Host & Guests

Chris Hall

Marketing Manager
Charity Digital

Kate Rosenshine

Leads the Cloud Solution Architect team

Nick Wise

Ocean Mind

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