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Tackling Inclusion: Part 3

16 June 2020
08:00 - 09:00


This episode continues our releases from our #BeMoreDigital conference back in March. With everything happening in the world currently and the ever-important Black Lives Matter movement, we’re revisiting a pertinent panel discussion centering around inclusion, diversity and equality in the charity sector.


The charity sector needs to be doing more to be inclusive and diverse across all areas. We must hold ourselves accountable and start implementing real changes now so that we can achieve permanent difference.


Movements such as #CharitySoWhite have been incredible eye-openers for the sector, but there is still a long way to go before we can call ourselves inclusive.


Our panelists each offer a fresh perspective from the range of charities and experiences they represent.

The conversation isn’t about why inclusion and diversity work, we already know they do. It is about how we as organisations and as individuals can ensure that change is made.


For this conversation our panel host, Debbie Forster (CEO at Tech Talent Charter), is joined by Ursula Dolton (CTO at the British Heart Foundation), Danny Attias (Chief Information Officer at Anthony Nolan), Tiffany Hall (CIO at Cancer Research UK) and Monica Shafaq (Chief Executive at The Kaleidoscope Plus Group) to discuss where the sector is currently at and the actions that need to be taken by charities everywhere to achieve all aspects of diversity.

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Host & Guests

Debbie Forster

Tech Talent Charter

Ursula Dolton

British Heart Foundation

Danny Attias

Chief Information Officer
Anthony Nolan

Tiffany Hall

Cancer Research UK

Monica Shafaq

Chief Executive
The Kaleidoscope Plus Group

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