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Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection, 1-Year Subscription

Autodesk® Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection is software for creating 3D building designs and infrastructure designs for transportation, land, utility, and water projects. It supports building information modelling (BIM) and computer-aided design (CAD) workflows.more
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This donation provides a one-year subscription to the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection for one user to install and run the software on a single computer and 25 GB of A360 cloud storage. This collection includes AutoCAD®, Revit®, Navisworks Manage®, and other applications. See a full list of software included with this collection.


By purchasing this product, you can save 95% when compared to Market Value (correct as of 26/08/2021)


Benefits for Organisations

If you have experience with CAD and BIM software, you can use the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection to create 3D building designs, design and construct city infrastructure, or provide CAD and BIM training to constituents.



This product provides enhanced access to technical support resources, including priority phone assistance from Autodesk support specialists. Account support is available on Autodesk Account. Additional learning resources and community forums are available through the Autodesk Knowledge Network, the Autodesk YouTube Channel, Autodesk University, the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop, and Autodesk Design Academy. The Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC®) provides fee-based support including courses and certification.

TechSoup also offers an FAQ with information about downloading, installation, licensing, and more.



Obtaining This Product

When Charity Digital Exchange approves your donation request, we will send a message to your organisation email address with instructions for obtaining and activating this product.


Subscription Details

System Requirements

See the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection system requirements by clicking the System Requirements link for each product.


This donated subscription allows one user to download and use the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection while the subscription is active.

Continuing Service After One Year

You may request this product through Charity Digital Exchange each year to receive additional one-year subscriptions. Wait until your original subscription has fewer than 30 days left before you request this product again.

Existing Subscribers Ineligible

Organizations that have purchased an Autodesk product directly from Autodesk within the past three years will need to request an exception from Autodesk before requesting this product from Charity Digital Exchange. See the Autodesk FAQ for more information.


Major Capabilities

  • Design and documentation: The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection includes a comprehensive set of CAD tools for creating designs; cleaning, organising, and visualising datasets; and editing scanned drawing plans.
  • Infrastructure planning: The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection allows you to access geographic information system (GIS) data and perform spatial analyses.
  • Preliminary design: The collection includes tools for streamlining agency approval and developing functional plans.
  • Project collaboration: The collection’s tools can link Industry Foundation Class (IFC) files into Revit® and can aggregate multiple design models into a single file.
  • Simulation: You can design buildings for energy efficiency and can run energy and structural analyses.
  • Visualisation: You can apply unique styles to designs and can build and display them in 3D.
Eligibility & Restrictions

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.




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Autodesk's advanced design software can be used to design buildings, infrastructure, products, entertainment content, and more.
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Price (Ex VAT): £187

Market Value: £4697.70


Saving: £4,473.30 (95%)

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