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Teams Voice from Class Networks, enables users to make and receive external calls via the Microsoft Teams client to people outside the Teams environment. This means you can replace your existing phone system with Teams Voice, saving money and managing your telephony through Microsoft 365!


Teams Voice provides a calling plan for MS Teams users that enables them to make unlimited calls to local, national, and mobile numbers. Out of bundle calls to numbers such as international destinations, 08 or 09 numbers are charged for each call made.

Teams Voice must be procured alongside a Microsoft Phone system licence (from Charity Digital).

Benefits for Organisations:


Class Networks Teams Voice has been designed for organisations looking to replace their telephone system, enhance Microsoft Teams services and benefit from full unified communications via Microsoft Teams.

  • Make and receive business calls from any device in any location.
  • Enhance your remote working experience.
  • Deliver a business continuity and disaster recovery solution for telephony.
  • Remove telephone system line and support costs.
  • Ideal for users already using or considering moving MS Teams – A single application for all communications (telephony, conference calling, video calling, chat).
  • Retain your existing telephone numbers.
  • Retain telephone system features like ring groups, queues, auto attendants and voicemail.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook for click to call and presence status.
  • Cost certainty when adding or removing users.


  • Users can choose whether to use headsets, handsets, or handsfree. Devices are purchased separately.


  • Must have either the Microsoft phone system addon, or Business Voice Licence.
  • End user hardware must support MS Teams.
  • Consider your contractual position with your existing telephony provider.
  • Consider what audio device each user requires.

Call Plan Only:


Select this option ONLY if you have access to the technical capabilities to configure and support the Microsoft 365 phone system and direct routing functionality in Microsoft Office 365.


We recommend charities select the Fully Managed Call Plan to access complete setup and on-going support of the Microsoft 365 environment.


Customers selecting Call Plan Only must be able to:

  • Add and configure a new domain in M365
  • Run the required PowerShell scripts to enable enterprise voice in M365
  • Assign allocated phone numbers using PowerShell
  • Setup ring groups, auto attendants, resource accounts
  • Provide on-going administration and support
Teams Voice Licenses (Class Networks unlimited calling plan)
Teams Voice Licenses Setup Monthly Charge (£)
Teams Voice License Per User £10.00 £5.00
Number Porting Setup Monthly Charge (£)
Porting Charge - Analogue Line £20.00 £0.00
Porting Charge -Multi-Line/ISDN DDIs (<=10 DDIs) £100.00 £0.00
Porting Charge -Multi-Line/ISDN DDIs (>10 DDIs) £200.00 £0.00
Porting Away Charge - per number £15.00 £0.00
Additional Items Setup Monthly Charge (£)
Additional DDI £1.00 £0.00



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