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Digital fundraising trends for 2021

08:00 - 09:00

2020 was an exceptionally challenging year for charities in the UK, but it proved that the sector is versatile and resilient, ready to meet the demands of the moment.


One of the biggest challenges of 2020 was the wholesale shift towards digital fundraising. Virtual events replaced the physical, Zoom took priority over in-person engagements, e-commerce largely replaced high street shops, and online donations took over from tin buckets.


2021 will be another challenging year, even with the easing of social distancing restrictions. In this week’s podcast, we look at some of the most important digital fundraising trends and developments that will help your charity stay ahead of the curve.


The Charity Digital podcast discusses, among other things, how to connect with supporters on a personal level, how to make the most of tools that charities have at their disposal, and how to review and improve existing campaigns.


Customer Service Manager and host, Raabia Fazil, is joined by Emily Casson (Digital Marketing Manager at Cats Protection), Samantha Doe (Digital Engagement Lead at Action for Children), and Matt Collins (Managing Director at Platypus Digital).

Featured Speakers View All

Featured Speakers

Raabia Fazil

Raabia Fazil

Customer Service Manager
Charity Digital
Emily Casson

Emily Casson

Digital Marketing Manager
Cats Protection
Matt Collins

Matt Collins

Managing Director
Platypus Digital
Samantha Doe

Samantha Doe

Digital Engagement Lead
Action for Children


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Zoe Ruibal-Buxton

Zoe Ruibal-Buxton

Zoe Ruibal-Buxton

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