How Tableau can make data visualisation easy for your charity


About Tableau:

What is it?
Tableau is data analysis and data visualisation software that helps businesses and charities alike to create and share interactive visuals for use in reports, marketing tools and presentations.

What is it good for?

If you have data in an excel spreadsheet or CRM that you want to do something more interesting with, or simply want to make the information more easily digestible, effective data visuals can really help.

Data visualisation software like Tableau can also be the ideal choice if you have a worksheet that combines data from a number of sources.

Case Study: Medway Youth Trust

My Youth Trust
Medway Youth Trust is a leading youth development organisation that was formed in 2008. They offer a range of services that help young individuals be best prepared for their future.

They chose Tableau as they were looking for a way to identify vulnerabilities and shortcomings in their services, and to be offer a way to effectively report this to both employees and grant-funders.

Tableau  allowed the charity to import both structured and unstructured data from a range of sources into one clear report, where different visuals could be used to clearly identify patterns or anomalies in their data.

Pressed for budget, Tableau has helped them identify which services are most needed and where so that time and money can be effectively allocated. This has helped with grant applications and communication with trustees by making prediction modelling more digestible to those who may not have been familiar with it.

Find out more here.

Is it for me?

Some of the most useful capabilities of Tableau include:

  • Connect to multiple data sources: Access data from Excel, Salesforce, Access, and SQL databases.
  • Choose visuals: Display in a variety of ways: a map, bar chart, pie chart, heat map, etc.
  • Dashboards: Create dashboards that display several different visualisations at once.
  • Filter data: Set up filters so you can view specific parts.
  • Share information: Share workbooks with other users as a static images or PDF file.

The user-friendly interface and straight-forward share-ability make it a great tool for businesses and charities alike. You can export your content to have on your website, social media or embedded in your emails.

Tableau is available on the Charity Digital Exchange programme as a 2 year subscription for just £44. If you’re already registered you can head directly to your account to check your eligibility.

Tableau offer a great range of resources on their website to help get you started. This includes white papers and case studies to show how the visualisation software can be applied to meet charities needs.


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