Public libraries can access Charity Digital Exchange donations

We have good news!

We’re happy to announce that public libraries are now eligible to request a range of donated IT products.

That means they’ll be able to access a range of IT donations – from Microsoft Office software and servers to Symantec security products to Adobe Acrobat XI and loads more.

What’s new / different in Adobe Creative Cloud

Some of the benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud compared to the Creative Suite, written especially with charities in mind.

It contains a couple of links to really useful resources for Adobe design software, which should help you design visual media to benefit your organisation.

New to Charity Digital Exchange: access to Adobe Creative Cloud discounts

From today, eligible UK charities can access special discounts on two different versions of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Through our Charity Digital Exchange programme, eligible charities could already access donated licences of Adobe Acrobat Pro and Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 , but the new discounted plans will make a much wider range of creative software affordable for more charitable organisations.

How a small Scottish charity is using “Rolls-Royce software”

The Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society is a charity that promotes the study of family history across three counties in Southwest Scotland. Due to the nature of modern research, having computers available for researchers is essential.

“Having been able to upgrade all our computers means that we’re all singing off the same songsheet, whether we are here or working outside or at home – there are no issues with file conversions, etc.”

Photoshop: enabling professional in-house design

Cardboard Citizens is a charity providing a creative hub for excluded people. They run tours around the whole of the UK, with performances in theatres, hostels, day centres and prisons.

One of the many challenges involved in such an undertaking is to produce professional marketing and publicity materials on a fraction of the budget that might be available in the commercial sector.

Discounted Adobe and Microsoft Office training now available through Charity Digital Exchange

– 3rd February 2015 – Charities can now access discounted Adobe and Microsoft Office training and certification from Prodigy Learning, an award-winning provider of IT learning and certification solutions. Eligible UK charities can choose from a range of certified training programmes through Charity Digital’s Charity Digital Exchange donation programme. “We’re delighted to be working with Charity Digital to provide training and certification for charities,” said Craig Bewley, Director of Prodigy Learning. “Building and strengthening their skills in Adobe and Microsoft is a terrific way for charities to increase their IT skills and become more creative.” “Together with Prodigy Learning, we can…
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