Affordable security software solutions for charities (that don’t compromise quality)

Security software is an essential for your organisation, but can cost an arm and a leg at fair market value.

Luckily there are discounted options available for charities that don’t compromise quality.

The top 5 charity newsletters and what they’re getting right

Inspiration can run dry from time to time, we know that. When this happens, it can be very handy to explore other newsletters.

It can provide great insight into what does and doesn’t work for other organisations and what might work for you.

Top integrations that work with your charity website

With all the plugins and downloads out there to bulk-up your site, it’s hard to spot whats genuinely useful.

To try and help out a little, we’ve pulled together some of our (and other charities) favourites.

5 email marketing mistakes charities make and how to steer clear

Charities rely hugely on email marketing, but can all-too-often make tiny mistakes that have a big impact. Here we’ve run down how to steer clear of these.

Is your charity doing email marketing right?

Every year, new trends & predictions are published for email marketing.

It’s easy to get swept up, but the key thing really is to do the simple things effectively.

An email automation guide for small charities

Email automation can seem a little daunting. In actual fact, it can be an easy way to save time and effort.

This quick guide is a designed to get you started and thinking about the best ways to make the most of automation.