Meet and Code – Getting young people into coding

The Meet and Code initiative has now launched in the UK after great success across Europe.

Youth-organisations can apply to run their own fully-funded coding event to help young people develop a new and useful skill.

4 reasons not to use QR codes for fundraising

Do you remember when QR codes were going to be a thing? There are still trickles of people who cling on to the idea that QR codes and readers make a lot of sense, and who still include them in their campaigns here and there.

In case you’re thinking of setting up a QR code in your fundraising campaign – stop! Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t.

Practical steps for improving your charity digitally

Charity trustees should always be looking for ways to squeeze the maximum benefit from any funds raised, and with modern technology, there are more ways to do that than ever.

To make the process of deciding what needs changing, prioritising and researching easier, we’ve put together some practical steps to follow.

Approaching IT: why charity governance must change

The world has changed through technology and it will change further irrespective of whether your charity keeps up or not.

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever for charities to move forward with IT thanks to recent changes. In this article, we run you through everything you need to know. has joined the Charity Digital Exchange programme

Box allows users to access, share and collaborate on sensitive work in the cloud from any device. This means that staff, trustees, volunteers, aid workers and other partners can communicate and access required files from wherever they are in the world.

They have joined the Charity Digital Exchange programme, and are now offering donations of 10 perpetual licences to UK charities.

Connected technology and ‘the Internet of things’

Part 1: Wearable tech in the workplace It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have a ‘connected home’. I’m a gadget geek and am always on the lookout for new things to try out that might make my life easier. ‘The Internet of Things’ is a part of my daily life and means that from my iPhone or iPad, I can control everything from the temperature of the central heating to the movies I download, and from the TV shows I watch to the time our lights come on at home – whether I’m…
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