Cyber security: attitudes and application in the charity sector

In October 2017 Charity Digital surveyed over 1000 people working in the charity sector.

For this article we have produced an infographic breaking down the key findings for one of the key topics: cyber security.

Digital uptake in the charity sector

Thanks to the efforts of several government, private and non-profit organisations, more people than ever have basic digital skills in the UK. Unfortunately, a number of reports have shown that charities are missing out on this progress.

To give an overview of the state of digital uptake in the UK charity sector, we’ve put together a simple infographic.

10 easy ways to optimise your email open rates

Bearing in mind that in 2014, marketers sent an estimated 30 trillion emails worldwide (about 4,130 sent to everyone on the planet), standing out from the crowd in email marketing is surely an issue.

To help you do just that, take a look at this infographic by Sikich, which offers 10 tips to help you cut through the noise and optimise your open rates.

10 steps to protect your charity

The government recently put together a list of 10 steps to help organisations protect themselves in cyberspace.

According to their own statistics, 60% of SMEs and 81% of large companies were subject to some form of cyber attack in 2014.

Infographic: The pitfalls of failing to update computer systems

Outdated computer systems are vulnerable to a variety of attacks online. The problem is that hackers continuously look for new vulnerabilities to exploit, so once support is ended for a system (in other words, once a system is no longer being updated to counter new security threats), it’s usually only a matter of time until an attack gets through. This is particularly problematic in the charity sector, where organisations might hold sensitive information and often don’t have the budget to upgrade their IT equipment. It’s because of this that we’re happy to offer the latest Windows operating systems and also award-winning antivirus software to UK charities on the…
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Infographic: How to drive traffic with Twitter Cards in four easy steps

When used properly, Twitter can be a great platform for engaging with supporters and driving traffic to your site. Best practice has always been to try to make your content stand out from the crowd on the Twitter feed by means of media like video, images and of course, good content. Now, there’s another effective tool that Tweeters have in their arsenal: the Twitter Card. These come in a number of formats, and can give you more real estate on the news feed without using up more characters. To help you get to grips with Twitter Cards, check out this useful…
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