A guide to Microsoft server licensing for charities

Understanding Microsoft server licensing can be tricky. Each Microsoft server product follows one of four basic licensing models, which you need to know before you start.

To help you make the right choices when you plan your own server implementation, here’s a brief overview of the four server licensing models (and a couple of extra, useful tidbits).

How to measure and improve your charity’s digital maturity

As a general rule, charities get a pretty bad rep for their digital presence, but this certainly doesn’t apply to every organisation!

Knowing where you place on the digital maturity scale is a great step if you’re looking to get more digitally involved.

This article explores the sort of criteria that defines digital maturity and different ways you can address it.

What your charity can learn from the 2016 Lloyds Digital Index

Lloyds recently released a roundup of charities and small businesses digital maturity.

We’ve taken some of the most important bits and given some ways that charities can continue to grow and improve digitally.

How data protection regulation changes impact your charity

2018 might be some time away, but there’s definitely no harm in getting ready for the forthcoming changes.

Take a look at this rundown of changes that may affect you!

Easy wins for your email marketing strategy

You’d be surprised what a big difference small changes can make to your email marketing.

This article runs through quick and easy tips to get your subscribers more interested in your e-mail content.

GoDaddy now donate domains and web services for UK charities

GoDaddy are now donating a bundle of online tools to UK charities, which includes domain registration, and 1-year subscriptions to their Website Builder and Search Engine Visibility services.

“GoDaddy is one of the foremost domain registrars in the world, and the fact that they provide such an easy-to-manage, scalable option makes it a great choice for most small-medium charities.”