Google for Nonprofits in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Google has launched Google for Nonprofits in Scotland and Northern Ireland at a digital training day for 100 Scottish charities.

Scottish Registered Charities and Northern Irish Registered Charities can apply to join the program which offers access to Google’s suite of free products and tools and has been launched in partnership with the Charity Digital, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and TechSoup Global. has joined the Charity Digital Exchange programme

Box allows users to access, share and collaborate on sensitive work in the cloud from any device. This means that staff, trustees, volunteers, aid workers and other partners can communicate and access required files from wherever they are in the world.

They have joined the Charity Digital Exchange programme, and are now offering donations of 10 perpetual licences to UK charities.

Digital uptake in the charity sector

Thanks to the efforts of several government, private and non-profit organisations, more people than ever have basic digital skills in the UK. Unfortunately, a number of reports have shown that charities are missing out on this progress.

To give an overview of the state of digital uptake in the UK charity sector, we’ve put together a simple infographic.

What would you like to know about IT?

We’ve been scratching our heads trying to think about how we can better help charities and nonprofits get to grips with the digital world.

And, after a string of heated debates in darkened rooms, late-night meetings and early-morning discussions, we’ve come up with a plan of action for the content we produce in the coming 12 months.

If there’s anything that you’d be particularly interested in learning about, let us know and we’ll try to make sure we cover it!

10 steps to protect your charity

The government recently put together a list of 10 steps to help organisations protect themselves in cyberspace.

According to their own statistics, 60% of SMEs and 81% of large companies were subject to some form of cyber attack in 2014.

Discounted Adobe and Microsoft Office training now available through Charity Digital Exchange

– 3rd February 2015 – Charities can now access discounted Adobe and Microsoft Office training and certification from Prodigy Learning, an award-winning provider of IT learning and certification solutions. Eligible UK charities can choose from a range of certified training programmes through Charity Digital’s Charity Digital Exchange donation programme. “We’re delighted to be working with Charity Digital to provide training and certification for charities,” said Craig Bewley, Director of Prodigy Learning. “Building and strengthening their skills in Adobe and Microsoft is a terrific way for charities to increase their IT skills and become more creative.” “Together with Prodigy Learning, we can…
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