Link Age: how a move to a cloud based office system helped save time and money

Link Age are a charity based in the London borough of Southwark that aim to improve the quality of life for older people by keeping them involved in the community.

This case study explores how a move to Office 365 helped them, by giving them more time and money to focus on what’s really important!

How to deal with leavers in Office 365

When someone leaves your organisation, it’s important to make sure that you secure any confidential files and data. Thankfully, if you use Office 365, you have a good level of control to manage this process. There are a variety of options available to you, allowing you to completely remove access from mobile devices, delete accounts, or move accounts to replacement employees. To find out how to do all of this, scroll through the resources below or click the links to visit specific sections. Note: All of the below assumes that your Office 365 account has ‘global administrator’ permission. I will be…
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DIY Installing Office 365 – Are You Ready?

In case you don’t know, Microsoft run a donation programme that helps charities get cheap access to Office 365 software. Most charities can get almost free access to e-mail (Exchange), files (SharePoint & OneDrive) and instant messaging (Lync), all hosted in the cloud. Getting the donation is easy; if you’re based in the UK, all you have to do is download the free trial from Microsoft and then register and sign up for the software on the Charity Digital Exchange website. We’ll then check your eligibility on Microsoft’s behalf, and if eligible, you are given a key to access the full software….
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