LinkedIn for charities – insight from a Tech4Good Day

Microsoft have produced another post talking through some key points raised in their Tech4good day. This one focuses on social media, specifically LinkedIn.

How LinkedIn can benefit your charity

LinkedIn is an ever-growing network of business-minded people from millennials to generation X. With over 467 million users (as of 2017) it’s not a resource charities should be ignoring.

In this article we run down some of the reasons LinkedIn could be of use to you and why there’s no better time to get involved if you aren’t already!

An overview of the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report

Tech for Good and the Public Interest Registry have teamed up to bring you some of the most useful relevant stats regarding charities’ presence in the digital world.

To save you working through the whole thing, we’ve rounded the key numbers and changes since last year for you!

Tips for using images to effectively market your charity

Visual content should be a key element in your marketing strategy from when you send out a tweet to when you publicize a large scale campaign.

What’s crucial is making sure your using them effectively to promote rather than confusing your readership or making your site run more slowly.

Tips for creating a Christmas charity campaign on Twitter

Make the most of your Twitter by getting to grips with what it has to offer.

Take a look at these features that can help you create an effective campaign over the coming giving period!

4 stats about content and how to use them to your advantage

Your content is basically all the interesting stuff you want someone to know about your charity.

Making sure it’s delivered in the optimal way for your readers will help them engage with your cause!

This article explores some of the statistics behind the importance of good content marketing and how your organisation can make the most of these.