The most popular IT products amongst UK charities

We thought we’d take a look at what’s proving most popular recently so we can pass on the wisdom!

Hopefully your charity can discover some new software to work towards your cause more effectively.

Top tips for defending your charity against cyber attacks

Given current events, charities are now particularly anxious about the threat posed by cyber attackers.

We’ve devised some simple and easy-to-implement tips to help ease your minds.

A guide to Veritas Backup and Recovery Products

Veritas System Recovery (Server Edition) and Veritas Backup Exec are now officially available as donations to UK charities through our Charity Digital Exchange programme.

In this article we explore the various functionalities to help you decide if/which one is for you.

How health service charities have benefited from Charity Digital Exchange

At Charity Digital Exchange we’re keen to know how charities make use of products taken from our donation programme. With over 30,000 registered, that’s a lot of charities doing a lot of great stuff.

This month we’ve looked into health service charities, conducting surveys and interviews across multiple organisations.

Symantec confront Google claims, assuring users all is well with their security certificates

The two have been battling it out over the diligence in security certificate validation.

Here we’ve summed up what’s going on, why it matters and how it’s all getting sorted.

Charity Digital Exchange donation entitlements reset soon

Sorry – we realise this is a boring article, but it might just be quite important for your charity!…

Some Charity Digital Exchange donor partners set maximum limits on the number of licences that charities can request each year, which begins on 1st July (i.e. very soon!).

This article has info on entitlement limits, the partners involved, and where you can see what you can get.