Why and how your charity should be using collaborative tools

Collaborative tools help members of your charity to function as well as if they’re all in the same place at the same time even if they aren’t.

There are multiple ways of collaborating with your work. Some you may know, but some you might not have thought about…

How your charity could benefit from CRM software

Customer relationship management software, it doesn’t sound riveting does it?

But it can make a huge difference, and not just in business but in the charity sector too.

Having clear and easy access to all your data has so many positives, it’s just about knowing what software or programme is right for you…

How to measure and improve your charity’s digital maturity

As a general rule, charities get a pretty bad rep for their digital presence, but this certainly doesn’t apply to every organisation!

Knowing where you place on the digital maturity scale is a great step if you’re looking to get more digitally involved.

This article explores the sort of criteria that defines digital maturity and different ways you can address it.

The benefits of webinars and how to get started

Webinars are growing in popularity in the business marketing world. It’s now starting to take-off in the charity sector as people realise it’s a great way to share knowledge and communicate your organisations goals.

This article runs through some of the ways a webinar might be useful for you and what to consider if you chose to conduct one. That way you can make an informed decision before you invest the time.

Tips for creating a Christmas charity campaign on Twitter

Make the most of your Twitter by getting to grips with what it has to offer.

Take a look at these features that can help you create an effective campaign over the coming giving period!

Easy wins for your email marketing strategy

You’d be surprised what a big difference small changes can make to your email marketing.

This article runs through quick and easy tips to get your subscribers more interested in your e-mail content.