Our charity digital jobs platform is now live!

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new jobs listing platform specifically catered to charities looking for their next digital hire, alongside Prospectus.

Charity Digital Jobs is the first jobs site in the UK to focus specifically on digital roles for nonprofits.

About the partnership

Prospectus is one the UK’s leading beyond profit recruitment specialists with 60 years of sector experience. They place recruits at all levels for any organisations that work beyond profit. Last year alone, they placed roughly 2,000 employees and supported 354 charities with positions filled across the globe.

For our part, we’re hoping to utilise the audience of thousands of individuals with an active interest in both the digital and charity sectors that we maintain through the Charity Digital News site.

Our mission – supporting digital in the charity sector

Our mission remains the same – to help charities achieve more with digital – and we hope that Charity Digital Jobs will help to achieve that aim.

Currently 57% of charities say a lack of digital skills within their organisations is the biggest barrier to getting the most from digital, according to the latest Digital Skills Report. This is despite the fact that 72% of charities see digital as a key opportunity to deliver their strategy more effectively.

As Matt Moorut, our head of digital and marketing, recently explained, the new platform has the potential to make a real difference for charities looking to improve their digital capabilities – an area that is in need of support.

“Attracting skilled digital talent to charities is uniquely challenging. When candidates have the digital expertise, they don’t always understand how charities work. At the same time, people who do know how charities think and work often don’t have the skills needed,” says Moorut.

“Thanks to Charity Digital News, we’re in a unique, privileged position, in that we maintain such an active, engaged audience spanning both the digital and charity sectors. It’s because of that that we believe the launch of Charity Digital Jobs will make it much easier for employers to reach the very best candidates, and also give a place for job seekers to find forward-thinking, charitable employers.”

A real opportunity

Andy Tonner, Head of Business Development at Prospectus commented, “We truly believe that digital talent offers a real opportunity for the sector to lead innovation, harness technology, and deliver transformative services.

“We have experienced the growth in demand for candidates with the skills and experience in digital, and this exciting platform offers organisations the opportunity to connect with talent from within and outside of the sector.”


Click here to view the platform.