The Power of Us Program

The Power of Us Program empowers your charity to accelerate it’s impact. The program already helps thousands of nonprofits, public benefit organisations, and education institutions, drive scalable, positive change, and this is called the “Power of Us.”

The Power of Us Program gives eligible nonprofit organisations access to Salesforce products and resources to help expand their collective impact. The program includes 10 free Salesforce subscriptions and large discounts on additional subscriptions, products, and services from Salesforce. More than 32,000 nonprofits around the world access Salesforce via the Power of Us Program.


Deliver more impactful programs

With Salesforce’s flexible platform, you can establish processes and unlock insights needed to simplify and unify your program management. From volunteers to grants, Salesforce for Nonprofits makes its easy to keep track of your organisation’s programs.

Tasks can be assigned, workflows can be automated, and results can be measured. Real-time dashboards enable you to act smarter, having a bigger impact and helping achieve your goals.

Manage fundraising end-to-end

Empower your organisation to cultivate donor relationships with a 360-degree view of every interaction. Establish and grow your relationships and manage the donation cycle from pledge to payment. The collaborative, social, and mobile experience makes it possible to engage at every touchpoint on every channel.

Magnify your message

Drive multi-channel experiences for your audience by amplifying and engaging at the right time, on the right channel and with the right people. Leverage marketing automation and social intelligence to drive journeys at scale and deliver content your supporters want to opt-in to.

Turn data into insights with intelligence built-in

Embed analytics directly into your fundraising, marketing, and program activities and visually display it using beautiful graphics on any device. Use insights to demonstrate impact, shape program development, educate supporters and drive better decisions.

Customise and build to suit your requirements

Nonprofits with unique requirements can leverage the Salesforce Platform to build custom apps with point and click tools, or access more than 3,000 pre-integrated apps from the Salesforce AppExchange. Discover ready-made solutions, templates, and workflows that help extend Salesforce to meet each your nonprofit needs.

With the AppExchange, you don’t need to invest in development, you just download the solutions that you want – some of them are even free.

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