Digital strategy: The what, why and how

13:00 - 14:00

According to the findings of the 2020 Charity Digital Skills Report, over half of non-profit organisations still don’t have a digital strategy in place. This statistic barely changes from the previous year.


Non-profits must ask themselves why so many organisations are failing to put in place such an integral strategy, especially in light of COVID-19. A huge number of organisations are now relying on digital for their day to day operations and service delivery and will be doing so as we move into the future. Whilst this increased use of digital is no doubt a great thing, a digital strategy is essential to maximise the potential for growth and impact that digital brings.


In this Webinar, our very own CEO Jonathan Chevallier will be taking you through why it is so vital to have a digital strategy and how your organisation can start taking the key steps to forming one that works for you. He’ll also be sharing some useful tips and resources that will help elevate or develop your organisation’s digital strategy.


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Slides & resources

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Thank you for attending our webinar!


As promised, hit the link below to download the slides from the session:

Other resources:

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