How to run effective webinars

13:00 - 14:00

Over the past few months, and with COVID-19 restrictions still heavily limiting in-person activitieswebinars have become a hugely popular way for charities to deliver services, workshops, events and much more.  



But for many organisations, the world of webinars may have been completely new until a few months ago. With so many charities now relying on webinars as a vital tool, this week’s webinar will be passing on our own learns about running your own charity webinar. 



Here at Charity Digital, we’ve been running our webinar programme for almost 2 years, and whilst we’re still learning as well, we want to share with you the valuable lessons, tips and resources that we’ve gained so far. 




In this webinar, members of the Charity Digital team, Mimi Morrill and Chris Hall, will be sharing with you their mistakes, successes and, most importantly, what they’ve learnt and what you can take away to successfully run your own webinars. Expect topics to cover:  


  • Our key learnings, top tips and recommendations for running your own charity webinar 
  • How you can create webinars that target what your audience wants  
  • Getting maximum engagement out of your webinars  
  • The preparation phase- logistics and marketing  
  • The tech you need  

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Featured Speakers

Chris Hall

Marketing Manager
Charity Digital

Mimi Morrill

Events Manager
Charity Digital
Zoe Ruibal-Buxton

Zoe Ruibal-Buxton

Zoe Ruibal-Buxton

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How to run effective webinars

How to run effective webinars

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