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Keeping your Charity Cyber Secure

13:00 - 14:00


For the first webinar in our series, we’re collaborating with NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) to help charities with all things cyber security.


Find out more about:

  • Why the charity sector is at risk of cyber attacks
  • Who the sector is at risk from
  • The types of attacks the sector is at risk from

Many cyber attacks can be avoided with a better understanding of the above. This will be followed with some quick tips for your charity to action.

Featured Speakers View All

Featured Speakers

Jonathan Chevallier

Charity Digital

Cub Llewelyn Davies

Charity Sector Lead
National Cyber Security Centre
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Post-COVID-19 cyber security trends

Post-COVID-19 cyber security trends

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Post-COVID-19 cyber security trends

In this week’s Charity Digital webinar, the NCSC and Chris Hall from Charity Digital offer some advice on keeping your charity safe and secure in an evolving threat landscape. The webinar will explain, among other things, the risks organisations face and the steps charities can take to protect themselves.

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