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Introducing the easy, cash-neutral, low-risk way to collect Gift Aid on your donations.

We know every penny raised makes a big difference, so we’re delighted to help with tt-giftaid.

Our low-risk service makes it cost effective and stress-free to collect Gift Aid on your donations as small as £20.

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Gift Aid

All about Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a tax relief provided by the government that allows charities to receive 25% extra on their donations from UK taxpayers at no extra cost to the donor.

It has been estimated that as much as £750 million is lost each year in unclaimed Gift Aid, as eligible donors don’t always tick the box. The good news is that charities can reclaim this Gift Aid within 4 years of the donation if the donor agrees to make a Gift Aid declaration at a later date.

How tt-giftaid works

To reclaim extra Gift Aid for you, we’d need you to provide us with a good-quality dataset of donors. After that, you can leave it all to us!

We’ll securely analyse your data and contact Gift Aid eligible donors to thank them for their donation. If they feel comfortable, we’ll ask them to make a Gift Aid declaration and send you the data so you can claim the money and update your records.

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Why choose tt-giftaid?

tt-giftaid offers a unique approach to helping you reclaim more of your Gift Aid. By using our service, we’ll help you with:

  • Low costs. Our service is cash-neutral – it has no upfront costs and offers great value for money thereafter. We only charge a fixed fee on successful claims.
  • Ethical communication. We take pride in the fact that we won’t harass your donors. We’ll include you in developing communications that are right for you – and your donors.
  • Added value. Not only will we provide you with extra income to support your cause, we’ll also provide you with better, cleaner data than you already have.

Any questions?

If your charity has over 10,000 active donors and you’re interested in finding out more about tt-giftaid and how it can help you, just send us a quick message and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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