How to build a digital content strategy from scratch

12 March 2020
13:00 - 14:00


We are in the middle of the content golden era. Not only are there more people online than ever before, but audiences are also becoming more sophisticated, meaning charities have to keep at the forefront of the latest content trends, channels, and distribution.


This leaves a lot of charities asking "how can you win at content with limited time and resources?"


In our upcoming webinar Charity Digital content lead Aidan Paterson will be sharing a content strategy framework to help you build a killer content strategy.


Join the session to learn:

  • How to set goals, assign metrics and plan your resources.
  • Audience is key - build personas and be personal!
  • Creative ways to deliver and repurpose your content.
  • What channels are at your disposal and what suits each channel best.
  • Try, test and iterate - understand your results and don’t be afraid to fail.
Aidan Paterson
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Host & Guests

Aidan Paterson

Content Lead
Charity Digital

Lisa Chomette

Business Development Manager
Charity Digital

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