What is idloom-events and how can it benefit my charity?

idloom-events is an events registration platform that charities might not know about on the Charity Digital Exchange donation programme.

idloom-events’ range of tools help event organisers manage, promote and sell out their charity events. Event-goers are able to search for and buy tickets, and to share events online.

It’s a cost-effective and straight-forward way to you organise and manage your charity’s events of all kinds, both offline and online.

The company says it can help charities ‘effortlessly automate most processes’: this includes the creation of a multi-page event website, attendee management, payment processing, badge printing, invoice generation and on-site quick check-in.

So what exactly do charities get?


idloom-event features

The idloom-events platform lets charities share their events, offer people the chance to purchase tickets or confirm attendance. Here are some of the key features:


Personalised branding

idloom-events helps charities easily create a custom website dedicated to their event. With an integrated content editing tool providing predefined templates, they are able to publish a complete description of their event directly onto their own website URL.

Email and all documents sent to registrants can also be customised to charities’ branding.


Online registrations with customisable registration forms

The platform gives charities the opportunity to personalise their guest registration process – meaning that you get to collect the necessary information your organisation cares about.

Charities can easily create various sessions, workshops, and activities within a single event and apply different pricing options to them.


Invoices & credit notes

If you charge a fee for your event; idloom-events lets you decide on the means of payment made available to guests.

Charities can choose which payment options are available such as credit/debit cards, PayPal or bank transfer.


Data export

idloom says it guarantees clients full confidentiality and ownership of data, and ensures this data is protected and cannot be used by idloom or any third party.

Zapier integration seamlessly syncs your event attendees with your CRM or other tools.



How can my charity get it?

idloom is available through the Charity Digital Exchange catalogue for charities registered with us – just log in to add to your cart.