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#BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day 2021

09:00 - 13:30
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According to the 2021 Charity Digital Skills Report, charities consider digital fundraising to be one of the five skills they struggle with the most. This year’s #BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day will be focusing on skill-building. The event will provide practical sessions to help charities overcome their fundraising challenges and equip them with the skills they need to fundraise digitally.


You can download our infographic below to see get a taste of what topics will be covered on the day.


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#BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day 2021 #BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day 2021
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Featured Speakers

Emily Casson

Digital Marketing and Fundraising Manager
The Salvation Army

Lisa Chomette

Business Development Manager
Charity Digital

Jane Curtis

CEO & Founder
The Charity Event Specialist

Bradley French

Fundraising Innovation Manager

Deniz Hassan

Global Digital Fundraising Lead
World Food Programme

Dannii Hutchinns

Digital and Social Fundraiser
Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Alan Perestrello

Co Founder & Director

Philip Spedding

Senior Manager for Advisory

Sarah Johnson

Fundraising & Relationship Manager
Adoption Matters

Annie Willmot

Head of Events and Comms
Conect Reading

#BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day Gold Sponsors

#BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day Silver Sponsors

Thank you to our #BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day charity speakers and partners


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Scroll down to see what’s on the agenda so far for #BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day. Sign up now to catch all these sessions (and more!) live in October and be the first to hear about what else we’ve got planned.


We’ll be announcing even more sessions in the weeks to come, but here’s what’s on the agenda so far:



The 3 R’s of fundraising events: recruitment, retention and raising funds

Jane Curtis, Founder & CEO at The Charity Event Specialist


The three R’s: recruitment, retention and raising funds. No matter how big or small your income target, the 3 R’s will keep your fundraising events on track. But how?


Fundraising events are all about your participants. They’re the ones that will show up, engage with you and ultimately ensure you hit those all-important fundraising goals. Charities want to keep attracting new and old supporters to their events. You want to create a base of fans who return again and again, as well as add new donors that you can add to your repeat donor funnel. Creating the perfect attendee experience that keeps supporters coming back for more is an art and a science... especially when there are so many changes happening around us. But, if you follow the guidance of the 3 R’s and use them as a roadmap, your fundraising events will have the structure it needs to optimise conversions.


In this session, charity events expert Jane Curtis will be explaining event recruitment, retention and how you can convert your attendees to raise more funds. She’ll show how you can leverage your resources to run engaging events and ultimately harness the 3 R’s to help meet and exceed your fundraising goals.


Key learning outcomes:

  • Key takeaways to retain your current attendees, as well as attract new ones
  • The immediate changes you can make to your fundraising events to help meet your goals
  • An understanding of how you can adapt your event processes for the current times
  • Converting your attendees to increase donations

Who is this session for?

  • Micro (income <£10K) - Large (income £1-£10M) sized charities
  • Those working in in any role related to running and managing fundraising events of any kind
  • Those with tech expertise ranging from low to high can attend this event, however, it is advised that you have some fundraising event experience or expertise to get the most out of this session.



Running hybrid fundraising events: what to know before, during and after

Dannii Hutchinns, Digital & Social Fundraiser at Cystic Fibrosis Trust; Annie Willmot, Head of Events and Comms at Connect Reading; Sarah Johnson, Fundraising & Relationship Manager at Adoption Matters; Lisa Chomette, Business Development Manager at Charity Digital (host)


Hybrid fundraising events open up so many possibilities for charities. Not only can you welcome donors back to you in a physical world, but allowing people to attend through multiple virtual channels increases your reach, and your opportunity for donation.


Like any event, you need to think about the before, during and after for hybrid. Before, you need get team buy-in, find your audience, think about the tech and market the event. During, you need to be thinking about logistics, speakers, delivery and so much more. After, you’ve got to wrap everything up, digest your learnings and plan for the next one.


In this panel discussion, we bring together three charities: Adoption Matters, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Connect Reading. Each is at a different stage of their hybrid fundraising journey. Ranging from small to large in size, they’ll be sharing their real-life examples of hybrid fundraising events: before, during and after. Our charity panelists will break down these three stages and what you need to consider at each of them, considering all of the above and much more. They’ll talk about the challenges they faced and overcoming them. You’ll leave the discussion prepared to plan, run and execute your very own hybrid fundraising events!


Key learning objectives:

  • Understanding the logistics, planning, results and challenges involved in hybrid fundraising
  • How you can build relationships with speakers and supporters to meet your fundraising goals
  • Generating success beyond funds raised: how hybrid can help increase your impact and reach

Who is this session for?


Everyone! This panel is suitable for all, due to charity speakers ranging from all sizes and experiences. No tech experience is needed, but an interest in running or encouraging hybrid fundraising events would be beneficial.



How to afford fundraising

Phillip Spedding, Senior Manager for Advisory at CAF


Fundraising is expensive. You’ve got overheads, resourcing and marketing costs... and that’s before you start thinking about investing in the latest text-to-donate software, updating your fundraising platform or getting the best virtual event tools for your next fundraising event. All this requires money.


In this session, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) will explain how you can find the money to invest in developing new fundraising initiatives, how to put a bid together and how to make grant-giving projects last for longer. CAF talks to funders every day. In 2019/20, they helped them distribute over £700m to charities. Philip Spedding, Senior Manager for Advisory at CAF, has worked in fundraising for almost 30 years. He’ll be covering the best types of funders to go to, what to say to them and how you keep them engaged. This session will be focusing in particular on the information and tips needed for charities with an income up to £1M.


Key learning objectives:

  • Knowledge of the projects charity funders (individuals, trusts and corporates) are currently looking to support
  • Understand how to package digital innovation proposals for the best chance of funding success
  • Knowledge of how to turn project funding into ongoing revenue funding

Who is this session for:

  • Micro (income <£10K) - Medium (income £100K-£1M) sized charities
  • Those involved/responsible for applying for grants, grant fundraising, project funding, etc.
  • A specific technology level isn’t need for this session. It’s open to anyone who applies for grants or wants to gain practical skills on how to source the funds to support their fundraising projects

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