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#BeMoreDigital Strategy Day

09:00 - 13:30
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#BeMoreDigital Strategy Day will be the next edition of our #BeMoreDigital virtual events.


This one-day event will be dedicated to sessions and interactive workshops all focusing on digital strategy and leadership for charity leaders and professionals.


For charities, including digital in your strategy should no longer be a question. Charities have proven that they can harness digital technology in their fundraising, marketing, service delivery, operations and so much more. Now, organisations can bring together all their digital learnings over the past few years to create strategies that not only encompass digital but are led by digital. In today’s digital-first landscape, this will make for a more resilient charity sector.


Like all our other events, you can expect informative content, with charity and technology expertise in abundance.


Over the coming weeks, we’ll be finalising the agenda and topics. Please let us know what you’d like to see

covered in the sign-up form!

#BeMoreDigital Strategy Day #BeMoreDigital Strategy Day
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Thank you to our #BeMoreDigital Strategy Day Sponsors and Partners

Thank you to our #BeMoreDigital Strategy Day Charity Speakers

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Featured Speakers

Anthony Idowu

UK Technical Lead

Said Dajani

Head of Digital
Diabetes UK

Stephanie Canavan

Associate Director Data and Digital Transformation & DPO
MSI Reproductive Choices UK

Suzanne Begley

Digital transformation specialist
Cruse Bereavement Care

Matt James

Director of Communications and Engagement

Matt Haworth

Reason Digital

Etienne Greeff

Flow Communicaitons

Thank you to our #BeMoreDigital Strategy Day Sponsors and Partners

Thank you to our #BeMoreDigital Strategy Day Charity Speakers


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Workshops for this event are by APPLICATION ONLY. If you’d like to apply, just hit the ’apply now’ button for the workshops you’re interested in.


We’ll be adding more workshops to the agenda in the coming weeks. Here’s what we’ve got so far:


Cyber security threats facing higher-income charities: knowledge and mitigation tactics - applications open


When? 8th July, 13:30 - 16:00 (BST)


Workshop trainers: Anthony Idowu, UK Technical Lead at F-Secure and Etienne Greeff, CEO at Flow Communications


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Did you know, the percentage of security breaches or attacks is almost double for high-income charities, in comparison to smaller ones?


According to latest research from the UK Government, 51 per cent of high-income charities reported suffering a security breach in the last 12 months. Although it’s likely most of these organisations will have a cyber security strategy and/or team in place, the unfortunate reality is that larger charities are a prominent target for attackers due to the higher level of funds and data they carry.


Although charities of all shapes and sizes are vulnerable to breaches and attacks, prominent ones have proven to be more at risk due to their larger pools of data and funding. The statistics speak for themselves. It’s not enough to have a general understanding of threats, security leaders from higher income charities need to know the specifics of what they’re facing and have the relevant risk strategies in place to ensure their resilience to cyber attack.


In this workshop, cyber security experts F-Secure, alongside Flow Communications, will be running a dedicated training session concerning the types of threats higher-income charities are facing. Using their expertise of the security landscape and experiences from the audience, they’ll be sharing key security hygiene tips specifically tailored to your organisation’s current challenges. The workshop will also include a case study analysis of how a major charity fell victim to a serious attack. We’ll analyse what happened and what went wrong. We’ll then also open up the floor to see if you would have solved their issue any differently, before providing relevant solutions and learnings.


Participants can expect interactive tasks and discussions on the challenges higher-income charities face and what can be done to mitigate their impact. You can expect to learn about and participate in:

  • An overview of the security risks and challenges specific to high income charities
  • An interactive case study analysis
  • Exercises and guidance based specifically on higher-income charities
  • Discussions with other participants on how they’re managing threats
  • Q&A with the workshop trainers

Who is this session for?

  • Medium (£100K-£1M) - Supermajor (>£100M income) sized charities
  • Those working in security-specific leadership roles, for example: IT Manager, IT Security Manager, IT consultant, IT security consultant, Information Security Officer (ISO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), etc.
  • Those with a medium understanding of cyber security technology and the current threats facing charities, but want to know more about strategically working against these

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We’ll be adding more sessions to the agenda in the coming weeks, sign up now to be the first to hear about all session updates!


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Here’s what’s on the agenda so far:


We’ll never work the same again...and why should we?


Host: Matt Haworth, Founder at Reason Digital


Panelists: Matt James, Director of Communications and Engagement at WellChild; Suzanne Begley, Digital Transformation Specialist at Cruse Bereavement Care; Siad Dajani, Head of Digital at Diabetes UK and Stephanie Canavan, Associate Director Data and Digital Transformation & DPO at MSI Reproductive Choices UK


“We’ll never work the same again" - if we had a pound for every time we heard someone say this, then we could all quit our jobs. Returning to the ‘new normal’ is a hot topic at the moment. But behind all the tedious jargon and cliches, there’s something exciting about not working how we worked before.


Charities made incredible digital progress during lockdown, transforming everything from service delivery to fundraising. But what does the return to ‘normal’ mean for all this progress? It won’t just be flicking a switch back to pre-COVID-19 ways of operating. Charities will need to collate their current digital strategies with this new reality. The challenge now is how to create strategies that continue on the great digital progress made, whilst also adapting to some form of normality.


During the pandemic, WellChild, Cruse Bereavement Care, Diabetes UK and MSI Reproductive Choices UK all, like so many others, rapidly transformed how they were operating. Digital became top of their to-do lists. It quickly replaced anything face-to-face, overtook strategies and dominated fundraising and marketing. Users and audiences responded amazingly well. In fact, at MSI Reproductive Choices UK, 66% of patients even said they would choose their digital Telemedicine service again if COVID-19 were no longer an issue. Seeing so much success in their digital endeavors has prompted all four charities to develop robust digital models to suit the new trifecta of operations: hybrid, remote and face-to-face.


As charities currently transition to unite all three of these, we talk to the leaders who are steering the digital strategy in their charities as real-life returns. Expert in all things charity and digital, Matt Haworth from Reason Digital, will speak with: Matt James (Director of Communications and Engagement at WellChild), Suzanne Begley (Digital Transformation Specialist at Cruse Bereavement Care), Siad Dajani (Head of Digital at Diabetes UK) and Stephanie Canavan (Associate Director Data and Digital Transformation & DPO at MSI Reproductive Choices UK). Amongst other things, our panel will discuss:

  • Their plans for a digital roadmap for the future
  • Creating strategies that bring together pre, post and during COVID learnings
  • The balance between maintaining progress and preparing for future changes
  • The challenges charities can expect during this transition and how to overcome them
  • Hybrid models and how to include these in your digital strategy
  • The digital changes each charity has made and why they’ve seen such success with them
  • Budgeting for digital

Who is this session for?

  • Micro (<£10K income) - Supermajor (>£100M income) sized charities
  • Those working in leadership, C-Suite positions, such as Executive/Manager/Trustee/Director level
  • Those with a range of expertise in/understanding of tech and digital strategy: this panel is bringing together a selection of charities, all with different digital journeys


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