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Radical Accessibility

09:15 - 14:45

As the COVID-19 landscape has challenged the way charities fulfill their social purpose, we encourage senior charity leaders to maintain digital momentum, whilst making sure their internal culture, volunteer management and beneficiary engagement is as inclusive and accessible as possible.


We’ll share insights into brand new research on how the public have been engaging with charity campaigns and services during COVID. Are services accessible by more people than ever before? Or are some still being left out due to non-inclusive practices?


We have come together with Microsoft and Reason Digital to bring senior charity leaders together for a free virtual event, to consider how we can learn from the historical events of 2020, as well as the accessibility implications of the rapid digital transformation that is currently taking place.


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Featured Speakers

Gavin Neate


Liz Power

Occupational Therapist
Special Effect

Ivan Phelan

Sheffield Hallam University

Vanessa Johnson-Burgess

Inclusive Recruitment

Mark Applin


Emma Lawton

More Human

Krissie Barrick

Head of Digital

Vimla Appadoo

Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer
Honey Badger

Kamran Mallick

Chief Executive
Disability Rights UK

Elisabeth Ward

Content Designer

Eve Joseph

CSR & Sustainability Manager

Matt Haworth

Reason Digital