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COVID & digital: the elephants in the room

28 April 2020
08:00 - 09:00


As charities continue adapting to, what is for many, a new way of working we are forced to consider some elephants in the room. Although it might have been a painful transition for some, has Covid-19 ultimately been a good thing in terms of digital transformation for charities? Organisations everywhere have been forced to adapt quickly and efficiently to rapidly changing circumstances, navigating new digital territory that might have previously taken a long time to embrace.


In the fourth episode of our Covid-19 podcast series, we’re joined by two members of the Trillium team to discuss how the global pandemic has impacted digital transformation for charities. Alan Perestrello, Co-Founder and Director, and Aika Peto, Head of Marketing, talk us through the ongoing digital journey charities are dealing with. Budgeting, time, data and digital inclusion are some of the topics discussed as we delve into how things have changed and the digital impact we’ve seen so far, with key actions for charities going forward.


Whether you’re just getting started on your digital journey, or consider yourself a fully-fledged digital leader, one thing is for sure- it’s more important than ever to be more digital.


Want to share how your charity is becoming more digital as a result of COVID-19? Share it with us here.

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Host & Guests

Jonathan Chevallier

Charity Digital

Mimi Morrill

Events Manager
Charity Digital

Alan Perestrello

Co Founder & Director

Aika Peto

Head of Marketing

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