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COVID-19 - As things start to settle, how do you work towards the long term

12 May 2020
08:00 - 09:00
As the dust begins to settle, charities may be wondering what the future holds. Now past the initial upheaval, there is time for reflection: what has happened so far, what does the future look like and what can be learnt from your charity’s response to COVID-19?

In this episode, our three guests come together to discuss their own learnings. They reflect on where we are right now and how they believe organisations can begin to work towards both an immediate and long-term future, including the challenges this may come with. Vicky Charles (Associate Director of Technology at CLIC Sargent), Simon Davey (Managing Director at Omega Alpha) and Barry Antwi (Technical Manager at Coopsys) all offer professional insight into how charities can make use of what they’ve learnt and take this forward into their long-term goals and strategies.

Transformation has been seismic for a huge number of organisations. Yet, despite the unprecedented and unfortunate circumstances surrounding these changes, the recent pandemic has been a catalyst for a positive change in many charities when it comes to digital. The question is now how to harness these changes and move forward.

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Host & Guests

Jonathan Chevallier

Charity Digital

Vicky Charles

Associate Director of Technology
CLIC Sargent Young Lives vs Cancer

Simon Davey

Managing Director
Omega Alpha

Barry Antwi

Technical Manager

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