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Avast Patch Management in CloudCare

Identify critical vulnerabilities and quickly deploy updates to all endpoints. Patch management plays a critical role in endpoint security, but many businesses are reluctant to patch because there are too many patches, patching often interrupts operations, and they can cause problems with other systems. Avast Business Patch Management takes the guesswork out of patching by identifying critical vulnerabilities and making it easy to deploy patches across all endpoints from one central dashboard.more
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Stay ahead of vulnerabilities

Keep Windows operating systems and thousands of other third-party applications up to date automatically to prevent possible security gaps.

Ensure compliance

Identify and patch outdated or failed-to-install software to ensure company and regulatory compliance, and prevent security breaches.

Centralize management

Stay in complete control of patches with centralized management that allows you to scan all devices, set schedules, and approve everything from a single page.


Complete layered security in one easy-to-use, cloud-based platform

Deploy Patch Management from CloudCare along with our award-winning Avast Business Antivirus and other security services, including Secure Internet Gateway, Email Security, Backup and Recovery, and more for powerful protection. Easily manage and monitor your endpoint and network security from a single cloud-based security platform for seamless protection across all devices.

  • Automatic patch scans: Automatically run a patch scan daily, weekly, or monthly for all devices ina customer policy, including workstations, and physical and virtual servers.

  • Centralized patch results: Manage all software patches, view statuses of installed, missing, or failed patches across all devices by customer.

  • Approve patches: Save time by automatically approving patches by vendor, application, or severity or manually approving patches.

  • Flexible deployment options: Easily schedule and deploy patches based on approval rules and view ignored patches via the customer policy.

  • Patches by device: Manually patch individual devices and get a full list of missing patches, so you can run a deep analysis of all existing vulnerabilities on that device.

  • Roll back patches: Simply uninstall conflicting or unstable patches without any manual intervention all from one platform.

  • Ignore patches: Ignore individual patches for select devices based on customer policies, so you can test patches prior to deploying them and remediate any issues.

  • Master policy: Create master policies and apply them across all of your existing customers with just one click.

  • Clear cache: Save space by setting a timeframe when patches should be deleted once they have been installed on endpoint devices.

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Avast Business CloudCare is a cloud-based security platform that helps IT professionals monitor threats and deliver layered security services to multiple offices, networks, and devices.
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