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Supported Giving provide a range of Cashless and Contactless donation solutions to charities and we recently launched our Gift Aid - as a Service solution.more



At a time when donation income has been hit by the Covid 19 pandemic, charities are looking for ways to optimise the large shortfall in donation income - one of the ways to do this could be by checking that you have claimed everything you are entitled to, for Gift Aid, going back up to four previous tax years.


Supported Giving’s Gift Aid Recovery - as a Service, is designed to help charities optimise their Gift Aid entitlement. After listening to many charities, (in particular, to small to medium sized charities), charities seem to struggle to claim what they are entitled to on Gift Aid - here below are just a few of the reasons:


“Our data is all over the place and needs consolidating…”

“We are nervous about re-contacting donors, especially now with GDPR in place…”

“ We are not sure that we have the donor’s permission to contact them…”

“We need to check what past donations are eligible for gift Aid Recovery…”


As part of the “Service” the team at Supported Giving can take up and manage your donor re-engagement strategy, working closely with you to a predefined plan and communication strategy.

How does it work?


Our team will agree a Gift Aid Recovery programme with you, then we can manage:


  • Ingestion of the past donation data for a given period from your charity’s CRM.
  • Review of what past donations are eligible
  • Setting up of donor records in our Gift Aid portal
  • Preparation of outgoing communications for your charity’s sign off
  • Agree with you how to re-engage (via direct mail, email, SMS or live outbound call)
  • Campaign launch and management of new Gift Aid Declarations
  • Submission to HMRC of new Gift Aid claims through the charity’s CRM



It’s a “win/win” for the charity and donor, there are no upfront or on-going fees for the charity - we only get paid on an agreed percentage that flows back from the HMRC and the donor increases their original donation to the charity. Just think, new income could be flowing back within just eight weeks of the campaign commencing! What have you got to lose?



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