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#BeMoreDigital Leadership Day

09:00 - 14:00

So much has changed since we had the first #BeMoreDigital conference back in March this year. Since then, charities have had to respond rapidly, adopting new digital changes that might otherwise have been months or even years in the making.


COVID-19 has brought with it many new challenges for charities, but it’s what we’ve learned from these challenges that will make us stronger going into the future. Rapidly changing to digital has put a strain on leaders throughout organisations and as we move through these changes we want to help educate the sector through our speakers’ experiences.


One of the key strands of March’s event was Leadership and we’re now aiming to build even more on those fantastic conversations we were having. With charities undoubtedly entering a new era of operations; strong leadership, strategy and culture are crucial to the longevity of the sector. What can be done now to sustain organisations and to be better prepared in the future? We now want to move beyond COVID-19, but still use those experiences and the changes made as important learnings to take away and feel equipped for the long-term.


#BeMoreDigital Leadership Day took the conversations started at our previous conference on March 5th and adding in our learnings from the last 3 months to digitally empower charity leaders throughout the sector.


On June 25th, we ran 2 streams simultaneously, hosting 10 hours of completely free, educational webinars from the experts. To access all the content from the day, all you need to do is sign into your Charity Digital account and click on the ’event hub’ where you will be able to find all the brilliant content!



#BeMoreDigital Leadership Day

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#BeMoreDigital Leadership Day Sponsors

Featured Speakers

Dina Bhadreshwara

Product Lead
Citizens Advice

Alessandra Canella

Head of Future Design

Olivia Holbrook

Service Designer

Chris Thorpe

Head of Technology

Vanessa Johnson-Burgess

Inclusive Recruitment

Jo Kerr

Director of Impact and Innovation

Emily Casson

Digital Marketing Manager
Cats Protection

Naomi Alexander Naidoo

Community Manager
Finance Innovation Lab

Sian Basker

Data Orchard

Michal Kowalik

Senior Manager

James Scotton

Strategic Acquisitions Director

Ben Neo

Head of Professional Services and Charities Sectors

Andrew Finlay

Head of Service Delivery
British Red Cross

Emma Burton

Auditory Verbal Therapist
Auditory Verbal UK

John Evans

Intelligence Analyst and Cybersecurity Researcher

Lara Burns

Chief Digital Officer
The Scouts

Gift Ajimokun

Inclusion Advocate/Culture Curator, Freelancer and Founder of OKE

Marshah Dixon-Terry

HR Consultant & Career Coach
MDT Consulting

Hanna Naima McCloskey

Founder & CEO
Fearless Futures

Claire Tavernier

Chair of Trustee Board
Charity Digital

Jonathan Chevallier

Charity Digital

Chris Hall

Head of Marketing
Charity Digital

#BeMoreDigital Leadership Day Sponsors


Catch up on #BeMoreDigital Leadership Day sessions...

To access the recorded content from the day all you need to do is sign into your Charity Digital account, refresh your page and then click on the event hub, you’ll then have access to all the amazing content from the day!



What to expect:



Digital Agility in Time of Crisis: Conversation with British Red Cross

Session sponsored by Mitel and Olive

Ben Neo, Head of Professional Services and Charities Sectors at Mitel, James Scotton, Strategic Acquisitions Director at Olive and Andrew Finlay, Head of Service Delivery at British Red Cross


Olive and Mitel partnered with British Red Cross in response to COVID-19, to implement a world-class cloud contact centre environment within 7 days, allowing their geographically dispersed and remote volunteers to effectively answer phone calls from any location without complexity. This session will have Mitel sector specialist Ben Neo, discussing why digital evolution in the Charitable sector is necessary, and how organisations can begin their transformation . Then join James Scotton of Olive and Andrew Finlay Head of Service Delivery at British Red Cross to talk through how, in Andrew’s words, the ‘power of partnership’ led to an operationally agile digital transformation, allowing them to quickly respond to the pandemic and support the British public in their time of need.



The dark web and it’s threat to the charity sector

John Evans from Skurio


If you’re looking for a generic “How bad is the Dark Web?” tutorial – then this session is not for you! If you want to understand why the Dark Web poses a threat to your organisation and what you can do about it, then do tune in. In this session, we look beyond the stereotypical use of the Dark Web with one of Skurio’s leading analysts to help you:

  • Gain knowledge of real-life cyber threats and the risks they pose - so you can understand what makes your organisation an attractive target.

  • Discover how cyber criminals can defraud your donors without even having to penetrate your network and how to find out whether you are already under attack.

  • Learn how automated monitoring helps you identify key threats like fraud and planned attacks sooner, so that you can improve analysis, investigation and mitigation.


How to get socially closer but physically further post COVID-19

Michal Filip Kowalik, Senior Manager, EMEA


Face-to-face activities may have stopped for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean we have to feel disconnected. As we look towards the future in a post-COVID-19 world, how can charities maintain human connection, while being more physically distant than ever?



Recipes for success: Digital service delivery

Alessandra Canella, Head of Service Design at FutureGov, Olivia Holbrook, Service Designer at Snook and Chris Thorpe, Head of Technology at CAST


Every organisation is unique, but we share more similarities than we think. For this reason, we’re trying to reduce the duplication of time, money, and effort within charities and emphasise the benefits of reusing ‘recipes’ for service delivery. The Service recipes platform collects practical examples to help charities reuse and learn from one another’s digital services. These examples are what we’re calling recipes: they show the ingredients and steps needed to deliver a service or parts of it. This results in better services and increased digital confidence. Learn how you can make service recipes that work for your charity and achieve greater impact for your service users.



How to become a data-savvy leader

Sian Basker, Co-CEO of Data Orchard


This session is about leading the way to become a data-savvy charity. It’s about exploring the organisational journey towards data maturity, the key factors for success, what ‘good’ and ‘great’ look like, and how to work out where to start. The session aims to be non-technical and aimed at leaders and anyone with data responsibilities in their job role. I will share: what our national research shows about ‘the state of the sector’ when it comes to data; some stories and case studies of organisations that have travelled that journey and reaped the benefits; and available tools and support to help your organisation improve.



We build it strong; we build to last: Life after COVID-19

Naomi Alexander Naidoo, Community Manager of Finance Innovation Lab, Emily Casson, Digital Marketing Manager at Cats Protection and Jo Kerr, Director of Impact and Innovation at Turn2us


With charities everywhere having to rapidly adapt, change over the past few months has been seismic. Three different organisations will be sharing their key takeaways on how they’re looking towards the future and harnessing these learnings in order to build strong, successful organisations going into the future.



How has COVID-19 effected organisational buy-in

Dina Bhadreshwara, Product Lead at Citizens Advice


Implementing digital, especially new digital techniques, tools and platforms, isn’t always easy. For a successful digital transition, it’s essential that your team are on-board and buy into any new process. How charities can make any transitions smooth and understood by all involved is vital knowledge for sustained growth and success.



How a pandemic has turned up the dial on digital at Scouts

Lara Burns, Chief Digital Officer at The Scouts


As an organisation known for its physical and outdoor activities, the Scouts faced significant challenges when rapidly transitioning to digital at lockdown. The transition not only involved their Scouting programme, but a complete overhaul of how they used digital internally too. From working with volunteers digitally to campaigns to walk to the moon, to developing internal digital skills and tools, find out how the Scouts managed to successfully turn up the dial on digital and how they’re looking towards a brighter digital future.



Team motivation and inspiration in a remote workforce

Emma Burton, Auditory Verbal Therapist at Auditory Verbal UK


For many of us, working completely remotely has been something to get used to. Keeping motivation, communication and connectivity can be hard without being physically near your team and sometimes conference calling isn’t enough. How can charities ensure their work forces feel energised, inspired and supported while operating remotely?




Vanessa Johnson-Burgess, Director of Inclusive Recruiting, Gift Ajimokun, Inclusion Advocate/Culture Curator, Freelancer and Founder of OKE, Hanna Naima McCloskey, Founder and CEO of Fearless Futures and Marshah Dixon-Terry, HR Consultant & Career Coach.


It’s no secret that the charity sector could be doing more to ensure that its professionals are diverse and representative. When it comes to recruitment and digital resourcing, charities need to be doing everything they can to ensure these processes are inclusive. This isn’t only morally right - it will enable better digital services to be delivered and address digital skills shortages.



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