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Okta - manage identity access

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How Okta Helps Nonprofits

Get started with your 50 free licenses Manage identity across all platforms:

  • An easier way for nonprofits to dramatically increase security.
  • Okta helps nonprofits by securely connecting employees, partners, donors, and volunteers to the technology they need to do their most important work.

From basics like single sign-on (SSO) to more advanced identity and access management solutions, Okta helps any organisation use any technology.

Okta offers nonprofits 50 free licenses for all Workforce Identity products, and deep discounts for additional users and External Identity products.


Additionally, nonprofits are eligible to receive 50 percent off public training courses and complimentary passes to Oktane, Okta’s annual customer conference.




This offer is available to our community directly through Okta, and it is made possible in part by TechSoup Validation Services. Learn more about how Charity Digital works with leading companies to bring offers like this one to the nonprofit sector.


Single Sign-On Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Universal Directory Lifecycle Management API Access Management Advanced Server Access


How Okta Works Integrate with Thousands of Apps Using SSO Okta SSO provides a secure and user-friendly way for end users to quickly access all their applications without having to remember multiple passwords.


With Okta SSO, IT teams don’t have to waste their time on password support. Move Your Active Directory System to the Cloud Managing employees, volunteers, donors, partners, board members, and others can be difficult for IT teams.


With Okta’s Universal Directory, nonprofits have one, centralized place to manage all their end users. Automate Your User Lifecycle Create group rules so that employees, volunteers, donors, and others quickly have access to the apps they need.

And, you can use Okta Lifecycle Management to automatically deprovision users so sensitive data remains safe. Secure Your Apps and Data with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Nonprofits often work with highly sensitive information. Twenty-four percent of security breaches are avoidable with MFA.


Okta MFA adds an additional layer of security to your apps and data. Make Remote Access for Employees More Secure Your employees may work remotely or on-site, but need seamless, 24/7 access to enterprise apps and data. Okta provides users with secure access to all their apps from any device with a consistent user interface.


Safely Build Portals and Connect Multiple Apps The Okta API Products are a complete identity "fabric" that enables seamless and secure engagement with your external users — members, volunteers, donors, and others.

Nonprofits use the Okta API Products to build portals that connect multiple apps with one username and password. Get Okta for your nonprofit. The first 25 licenses are free.

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