How GoDaddy can help charities improve their online presence

What does GoDaddy have to offer?

GoDaddy offers a range of services to help businesses and charities both get better visibility online.

  • Domain name: Register, renew, or transfer one .org or .com domain name. Keep your registration contact information private, certify your domains, and add premium DNS services.
  • Web hosting and storage: Host your site on one dedicated Linux or Windows server or with managed WordPress hosting.
  • Website Builder: Design customized websites with up to 50 pages without any technical knowledge or prior experience.

GoDaddy essentially aims to provide your charity with some key building blocks to help you stand out in the saturated web market.

How can Charity Digital Exchange make GoDaddy more affordable?

That’s the great thing about it, the services are available at affordable rates for charities. Via tt- exchange, eligible organisations can get their hands on $150 in GoDaddy credit for just £21. Better yet, you can apply credit even when GoDaddy are running their own special offers to get an even better deal.

This makes improving your online visibility and security overall much more affordable. This is especially important if you’re working on a strict budget, which we know so many charities are.

  • How do I find out about eligibility:

Consult the eligibility and restrictions to review your organisation’s eligibility to participate in this program.

  • How does the program work? 

You can request a discount code worth up to $150 from Charity Digital Exchange once per US fiscal year (1st July to 30th June).

Once successfully purchased, you’ll receive a fulfillment email that includes instructions on how to apply the code toward the purchase or renewal of GoDaddy products. GoDaddy will then send you this code within 10 business days and you’re good to go.

  • Can I request another discount each year?

Yes, in fact it’s recommended that you do not auto-renew your GoDaddy products at checkout. Instead, first request the Charity Digital Exchange offering again before you renew your GoDaddy product.

Be sure to manually renew your GoDaddy products (rather than allow auto-renew) to make sure GoDaddy don’t permanently delete them.

For more on this, head over to GoDaddy’s help pages for instructions on managing your account.

How GoDaddy can help your charity

It has helped a huge variety of organisations by offering services essential to any charities online success. Scout groups, community centres and organisations providing aid to the poor are just some of the main organisation types taking advantage of the Charity Digital Exchange offering.

Overall, it’s a great resource for any charity that may be:

  • Short on IT-specific staff: Many of GoDaddy’s services are designed with the user in mind, meaning they don’t demand a top IT-whizz to accomplish essential digital tasks. Certain services also offer trial versions and extensive online resources to make things all-the-more straight forward.
  • Lacking time to allocate to complex website building: The website builder offers a drag and drop interface so you can get a professional-looking website up and running quickly. The free trial means you can get your head around the service before you invest.
  • Looking to increase awareness of services: A good domain is essential. It helps tell people what you do/provide, driving the right traffic to your site by attracting people who are after what you’re offering.
  • Keen to improve trust in their site: SSL certificates shows users immediately that your site is secure. You may not think changing the start of your url from http:// to https:// would do all that much, but indeed it does.

To explore some of these capabilities in more detail, along with some other great offerings, click here to look directly on their site.


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