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COVID-19 - We answer your questions

05 May 2020
08:00 - 09:00


As we are well aware by now, the charity sector is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a complete upheaval for charities, demanding a ‘new normal’ everywhere.

With such a seismic shift in such a short space of time, charities have been left with questions about their new remote ways of operating and their increased reliance on digital. We’ve been asking charities to submit these questions to us and on this episode, four members of the Charity Digital team come together remotely to answer some of the questions submitted so far.

The conversation delves into everything from the most beneficial digital platforms for charities, to how digital can help you keep you, workers, volunteers and donors engaged. We also talk you through the eligibility of our Charity Digital Exchange programme.

COVID-19 has impacted charities everywhere, but we must continue to ask questions, learn and iterate so that charities can use the tools available and thrive digitally.

Host & Guests View All

Host & Guests

Chris Hall

Marketing Manager
Charity Digital

Lisa Chomette

Business Development Manager
Charity Digital

Elizabeth Carter

Charity Digital Trust
Charity Digital

Stewart Barber

Client Account Specialist
Charity Digital

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